So you Tell me America, what do you think should happen?

2018 is rolling to a conclusion, in a fast way, these days. Thanksgiving has flown by,and the Holiday Shopping Season began in October for 2018.  People are rushing to and fro, as the way most holiday seasons do go, some will say Happy Holidays, some Merry Christmas others Happy Hanukkah, some have christian beliefs, others jewish or muslim, but no matter which you follow or believe in, the Holiday Season is special if you have loved ones to share it with! So, I hope for all, it is a Joyous and Happy Time Period, with Family and Loved Ones !

Next up, Trump and the fiasco of his Administration, his thoughts on a wall, The Russia Investigation and the real facts, needed.

The Trump Administration has actually destroyed the American Economy, by way of Trump’s tariffs. Verizon is doing layoffs, GM is shutting factories, and the stock market is tanking week after week to the tune of about on average 350 points or more. Money is disappearing from people’s pockets, jobs are going bye bye, and leaving once more, and we are indeed headed into a recession. which Trump’s Administration will deny no doubt, but they lie well don’t they? China, Europe and Canada and Mexico are fighting back with tariffs of their own, and the destruction of the world economy and American economy are all at stake. Yet the Republicans shake their heads and say Trump’s economy is great, tell me where please?

As 2018 gets closer to a close, we now have some facts about the Russian Investigation we didn’t before. Trump authorized the payments to Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels himself, telling Cohen to do so to protect his Presidential run!. Sad!. We also now know 16 members of Trump’s Team were in contact with russians before, during and after the election was over. jared Kushner tried to open back channels to Moscow and The Russians before Trump even took office, why?

Manafort will never see freedom again in my opinion, unless trump is Impeached and he pardons the man, before he goes. But if I were Trump, Manafort would be my smallest worry right now. I would be worried if my son and daughter and son in law will be indicted and if I had to pardon them first.  Robert Mueller is digging deeper into the Trump Organizations emails, their financial records and files too. he is looking for the money Trump gets from other countries that use his Hotels and businesses, especially since he was elected President, or started to run for the Presidency. Shoes will drop for sure here.

Trump’s Financial Officer for his Organization has immunity now and is talking I am sure and Trump is panicking, in private we are told, not in public. He is angry the Democrats won’t give him his wall, I laugh when I saw how Nancy Pelosi handled trump in the Oval Office on National Television for all to see, it was fun to watch. Schumer did a great job too, and told trump it is his shut down if it happens, and Trump said he will take the mantle for it and not blame Schumer. Ah, what can one say, ya were outfoxed Trump.

Here is my thoughts at this time, today, Michael Cohen will get his sentence for the crimes he committed for and in cahoots with Trump. Trump gave the orders and Cohen ignored the laws and did as he was instructed to do. So guess what, Trump is the driving force behind all Michael Cohen did in paying off Daniels and Mcdougal. He is just as guilty of the crimes as Cohen is. He thinks well the payments were personal affairs of my own, I was protecting my family and my wife, it’sa bull shit excuse, he knew if Daniels or McDougal or any of his affairs came to light his run for the White House would have ended he isn’t that stupid is he?

I am awaiting Cohens sentencing today and what is let out about it all. It will reflect directly on Trump, his actions and his responsibilities, in all that happened in the 2016 Election. While Trump will cry and point at others like Hillary Clinton and her emails, he needs to first think of his own problems and his daughter Ivanka’s emails too. My only question for all of America today is this, what kind of a father/ husband, cheats on his wife, pays out 280 thousand dollars to silence the women he is having sex with, puts his son and daughter at stake for criminal records, to gain the Presidency? I understand it is the highest office in the world to hold and one you will never be forgotten for, but in the end how long do the people and your children, who got you there doing your dirty work, have to pay for you to have gotten it? I repeat, what kind of a father or man, actually puts his own children at risk of criminal records and jail time, for his own interests? I know as a father of two, I would never do such a thing to my own children would you!

We are now far beyond the charges and situation or Bill Clinton’s Impeachment articles, we also went by the Articles of Impeachment written on Richard M. Nixon, and they are the most recent impeachment hearing in history. Do the Republicans really think, they can’t act to Impeach Trump, because he is their Republican savior or something? Or just to defy, the Democrats? Whichever it is the Republicans see as a reason not to act at this point in time, I think they better know America will hold them responsible if they don’t act. So you Tell me America, what do you think should happen?

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