Donald is not Presidential, he is Selfish, Narcissistic

A President with no respect or care for the average american family is not a President we need. We don’t need a President who believes people can run to daddy for help when their jobs disappear, or get shut down by him. A Government shutdown is hurting over 800,000 Americans and their families and this President has no way to compensate them at all! So where do they go when their mortgages are due, their rents, when they can’t pay for education or health care for their families? No empathy, no caring, no answers is all we get from President Trump, his damn wall is more important than the people of america.

Listen Donald John Trump, wake up, all americans are not given millions as children to play with, all didn’t have rich fathers. all didn’t attend private schools, or get protected from the draft, by a daddy who paid to keep them out of the military when they should have served. Sadly, we are finding out how you colluded with russians to get the presidency, how you obstruct justice daily and control you followers. Look you may have promised them a wall on the southern border, but you will not achieve one. So stop acting like a petulant man child who is spoiled and wants his way and move on!. Do something constructive and helpful to mankind and america, putt he government back to work!

Stop you childish ways and actions and wake the hell up, act you age not your shoe size as my mother would say and many more of her era. Accept defeat and move on. Pass the bills to reopen all the government and stop hurting americans coast to coast just because little Donald didn’t get his way! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It’s about to get a lot worse for you Donald, as your son is called to Congress by subpoena, to answer for all that happened at Trump Tower, for lying to Congress and more. He more than likely will be indicted too by Mueller and the Russia Investigation. Interesting huh?

Oh by the way Donald it won’t stop just there, Ivanka and Jared will be indicted also, Jared for the same meeting in Trump Tower, his lies about it and his unofficial work without a proper security clearance. Ivanka, will get indicted for use of government emails for personal use, and her use of campaign funds for your victory celebrations. I am sure either Mueller or New York will get Eric Trump also, for his misdeeds and crimes of stealing money from one charity to give to another in his own name.

Your problems Donald are multiplying daily as the world closes in on you from all sides. Your a sad excuse for a man! You dodged the draft not once but four times, you go bankrupt not once but four times, you failed as a business man in casinos, drinking water, and other products too. Your failures far outweigh your achievements.

Now with no regard, care, worry or empathy for anyone, you will allow americans, 800,000 and more to suffer so you can cry about not getting a wall on the southern border. You know what Donald it’s five point seven billion you want plus, you want it, pay for it Mr. Billionaire, the american people don’t want it, sixty percent of americans say no wall! Listen!

Stop doing Putin’s bidding, Donald, Putin is enjoying your work and no one else is. You pulled us out of NAFTA, out of the Paris Climate Accord, got laughed at, at the United Nations, are getting used by Kim Jung Un and North Korea, and are pulling troops from Syria and Afghanistan, leaving our allies to fight terror on their own.

Than you threaten to pull funding from California to fight the fires there, blaming Californians for the fires and saying it’s their own fault. National Disasters happen, Donald, don’t be a full asshole, let the emergency funding stay put.

As agencies and one quarter of the American Government are shut down many will suffer for your antics and temper tantrums to get your wall. Children won’t get the care they need, families can’t pay for food or rent or mortgages or loans. And you don’t care, you think they can ask daddy or momma for the money, wrong they are not all rich like you. You really are narcissistic and selfish and foolish and with no empathy or moral fiber or ethics.

We now know, just because someone is rich, and runs a business or television show as a host, they are not Presidential material for sure. Your Wharton Business College Degree is no better than toilet paper Donald, you can’t see beyond yourself, and see that Americans are hurting because of you! 21 days of Government Shut Down by Trump is enough, it needs to stop so people will eat, sleep and pay their bills and be able to live again, someone make a move worth while!

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