First Portrait on the United State’s President’s Wall of Shame!

President Donald Trump’s speech to the American people regarding border security and his wall, failed big time, except maybe for his own base. The nation as a whole saw a President who failed to convince anyone of a national emergency or crisis. His own people and staff at the White house told him, if he declared a National emergency or crisis and proceeded to try to carry it out, he would fail. The fact is, there is no crisis, or emergency at the southern border, the crisis or emergency is the Trump shutdown itself.

As 800,000 American workers are out, and about to lose their paychecks come friday, the emergency and crisis is how to get them back to work and nothing else. They will be hungry, without money for mortgages and rent, or food or medications for children or elderly or themselves. No landlord or bank will make a deal with anyone who can’t pay, so the cases and people will be dragged to court, to be settled and people will have to pay, not Trump. He doesn’t care about the average american, who has to work everyday to make ends meet, he is a petulant man-child, and Putin puppet is all! He showed no empathy for those 800,000 workers or their families or the contractors and businesses associated with them either. he tried to basically put the blame on the Democrats and entice them with added things they already wanted, to get his wall. It failed and failed miserably.

Look, I know his die-hard base, which now is about 35 percent of the nation believes everyone is mad and angry at Trump, because they don’t like him, the fact is he isn’t likeable number one, number two, he isn’t as intelligent as he thinks he is, and number three he is failing as President in all ways one can. He is the worse President in American History, why, simply put, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and what he wants period. If he cared, he would reopen the government, help the 800,000 people who are out of work and pay them, and he accept the democratic offer, to open all agency not in question over his wall request. national security at the airports is now coming into play here, and at the borders too. Employees who work these national security and Homeland security positions are calling out sick and looking for work elsewhere, ironic isn’t it that President Trump is screaming national security crisis and emergency and creating one himself. Doesn’t he see this?

If a terror attack, or a load of drugs so big come sin during his government shutdown he created, he is solely responsible now for any injuries, or deaths due to it all. Big bad Donald trump, I will take the Mantle, I will close the government down for border wall and border security!.” Guess what Donald by closing the government down you have made America now open to more crime, drugs and everything else, the people we depend on to patrol and defend our borders don’t get paid they won’t work, open the government. You made this mess, now you have to be a man and an adult admit your mistake, back the hell down, forget your wall, work with the democrats, open the damn government and use the things you and the democrats have in common to improve border security. Have you ever heard of the word compromise? Do you know what compromise means Donald, and why it works, you don’t get all you want they don’t either but in the end the good of the american people and the nation as a whole does.

We are now closing in on Donald Trump’s completion of his second year in office, and he failed to keep his promises when he had both a republican senate and house under him and he shall fail more as the next two years continue on. The only way Donald Trump gets reelected is if the russians and putin back him again and Congress and Mueller and the American people will not allow it to happen. The scrutiny of that situation is immense and will only grow as the 2020 election season starts here in America. It will not be the same, game board Donald, you won’t have the same team or russia assistance this time, and your original Russian contacts will be banned from America and your so called team will all be indicted or jailed. face the facts, your done, publicly and politically now. And yes one thing is sure, as Coulter and Hannity said on Fox News, you will have no Legacy at all, except for making the Oval Office a home for High Crimes, Misdemeanors, Treason and Collusion, and Lies. Sadly, you never were and never will be a President who served the people or the country in history, you will be known as the worst President in American History who destroyed all you touched. Welcome to your legacy Donald Trump, you will be the first portrait on the United States President’s Wall of Shame!

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