Are the Republicans blind, or just such loyal kissasses?

We have now found out that the FBI had enough information to open a counterintelligence investigation into Donald John Trump days after he fired James Comey, to find out if he was working on behalf of the Russians!

This one is a holy shit one folks, period, never in American History has an American President come under investigation, in a counterintelligence investigation, for working for a foreign government that is America’s enemy. What gave the FBI reason to open such an investigation, what did they base, the basis of said investigation on? Trump’s words and actions during and after the 2016 election is what! Based on that report in the New York Times if it is based on facts and true one hundred percent, guess what, treason becomes a great possibility, by an American President!

We knew he was in contact with the Russians prior to the election of 2016, he even asked Russia to find Hillary’s emails for him. We knew he had been to Russia more than once, and he offered to build a Trump Tower in Moscow too. We also know Russian rubles were used to pay for and finance parts of the Trump campaign. Trump has been working for the Russians for decades me thinks, and he needs to be removed from office.

The Republican Senate is a bunch of cowardly individuals, who suck up to Trump and kiss his ass daily. They haven’t reacted to his actions or words, so far, they let him be and coddle him and give him his way. Well The Democrats said no wall Donald, you finally ran into someone in Pelosi and Schumer who said no to the Donald to his face. The republicans are still,” Go ahead Mr. President, take the money and declare a national emergency and build your wall.” -Senator Lindsey Graham told him to publically! Guess what Lindsey Graham made a trip to Russia too recently and came back backing Trump big time, I wonder why?

Trump is guilty of Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Power, Colluding with the Russians (Treason), Lying to the American Public daily on the average of 24 lies a day, plus breaching the Emolument Clause in many ways. When will the Republicans wake the hell up and realize they have a man in their party, in the White House who is a criminal and who is more than likely guilty of treason. Say goodbye to the Republican Party if you ask me.

Senator Mitch McConnell calls himself the man who can stop shutdowns, well stop it McConnell, now! Stop kissing Trump’s ass and doing what he wants and saying yes sir, yes sir two bags full! The bags are all full now of criminal acts and breaking of the laws of the United States, and you are protecting and defending a traitor Mitch McConnell and sadly as time ticks on and the situation gets worse, and more proof comes out, you will go down with Trump. They will come after you next for protecting and working with Trump to destroy America from within, and Lindsey Graham will fall also.

This information I remind you on the FBI investigation into Trump as a counterintelligence matter, did not come from Mueller’s probe folks, it came from the New York Office of The FBI. So guess what, the Mueller Probe/Investigation has got to have one hell of a lot more coming next. How far will the Republicans allow this go, and when will Senator McConnell and his Republican Senators stop sitting on their hands and react to it all?

Trump has and is destroying the United States Government from within, he killed our standing in the world and on the world stage, he has tarriffed our friends and allies and caused financial turmoil in our markets.

He has pulled us from The Paris Climate Accord, NATO and he has gone to the United Nations to speak and been laughed at by the world. It’s sad.

North Korea laughs at us and Donald Trump, he will never make them give up their nukes and Kim Jung Un knows it. Russia smiles and laughs and eggs Trump on daily. Afghanistan and Syria he is pulling our troops out leaving our allies there alone to fight on abandoning them. explain it all folks, and what you get is a picture of a man in The Oval Office working for Russia and Putin Period. No other explanation is there to see.

I suggest forcing Trump to Resign. To do so, I suggest, Indict Donald Trump JR. Lying to the Senate, Trump Tower Meeting and more. Ivanka Trump, for use of government email systems for private usage. Eric trump for illegal theft and use of charity funds. Take his kids down first! What father lets his kids put themselves in legal jeopardy, to get what he wants? No decent man does that folks!

We have come to a point now in American History where we the American People, have a choice to make, we can Impeach Donald Trump, or we can force him to Resign as we did Richard Nixon. I state this for the record, Donald Trump has done more illegal and criminal acts then any President in American History. President Andrew Johnson was Impeached for trying to fire Secretary of War Staton. Richard Nixon was Impeached and forced to resign for Watergate and break-ins and lying. William Jefferson Clinton was Impeached for Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky’s blow job on him and lying.

But, Donald Trump is Guilty of Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Power, Collusion with Russia. High Crimes and Misdemeanors of all kinds and so much more. Yet the Republican Senate under and led by Mitch McConnell won’t react in anyway? Are the Republicans blind, or just such loyal kissasses, that they will do anything they can to save a Republican President who is a criminal? Do the Republicans understand yet, that if they don’t react to Trump’s actions and illegal acts soon, they will never see a republican President again or a majority? This is serious here!

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