Donald John Trump=Benedict Arnold

A while back I wrote a blog that told the truth and spoke exactly about what is going on today in the news. To understand what I am saying you would have to have read it when I wrote it. I wrote it back on May 26th, 2018. Here is the Link to it for all to check out:

Today we have evidence not only of Obstruction of Justice, Misuse of Power, breaking of the Emolument Clause of the Constitution, but collusion by Donald J. Trump. It is only getting worse each day it is allowed to continue by Congress.

Now we learn not only did Trump hide the transcripts and destroy them of his discussions with Putin, but the FBI actually opened an investigation into whether he was working for the Russians. Kinda adds to all of the above folks, the evidence is there, it’s honest and straightforward and Trump can not even answer with a straight face the question of , are you working for the Russians, as asked by his own ally, Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News? Sad!

Look Rump shutdown the Government for a wall we don’t need and never will need, we are now over three weeks into it, I remind all, that in doing so he has shutdown parts of the border security we supposedly have in place already, he has taken paychecks away from over 800,000 american workers, and he can’t find a way out of the mess he caused himself. No, Donald you can cry and you can scream, you can repeat and repeat, and try to blame everyone else, except yourself, but no border wall for you. five point seven billion for a wall is stupid and unnecessary period. The Mexican or anyone else already tunnel under the walls that are already there, they showed you that in San Diego.

The Mexicans or drug dealers and cartels, and human traffickers, etc, wil tunnel under, go around, or over your wall they already do it stupid. The tunnels exist, you have been shown them by border guards in California and Texas, stop the false cry for money for a wall.

Lets talks cost of what you are doing to the United states already with three weeks of shutdown. On average it costs the american people 1 billion dollars a week. if you count it up now, it is already heading towards four billion dollars, plus interest on loans we can’t pay. Sad.

800,000 federal employees are out of work with no paychecks or way to pay their mortgages, rents, food, utilities and child care. Those who fed these employees in washington, while they worked are now, losing also for they lost the customers, who are not there anymore. The Trickle down effect of your government shutdown is hitting America and soon, more will be affected too. Take the silver spoon out of your ass Donald, and think, about the average or middle class and lower who you are hurting out there.

While Americans suffer, Congress, both Houses sit and do no work at all and go home weekly and have fun. They get paid and shouldn’t. Can’t solve the problem, don’t pay them anymore, withhold their salaries until they do solve it.

Lest cut Leader Mitch McConnell’s paycheck too, he isn’t doing a damn thing to help the situation and it’s his job to make Senators and Representatives and President compromise and keep the Government open. The Senate and the House of Representatives are failing to do their jobs, stop paying them, make them pay for the debt we are accumulating under the ShutDown.

Meanwhile, GE is closing Plants, Ford is laying off in Europe and here at home. Jobs are not coming back as Trump promised. Medicare and medicaid are about to be hit by the Republicans and Trump and so is Social Security which we all paid into. These are not benefits folks, these are entitlements we paid into, it’s out money.

Meanwhile Putin gets what he wants in Syria and Afghanistan as our troops are being pulled out by Trump, leaving our allies to fend for themselves. Putin smiles and praises Trump for it publically. Funny huh?

North Korea still has its nukes and Kim Jung Un sends love letters top Trump and does nothing to denuke, he laughs. Sad.

Americans, did not listen, when Hillary Clinton warned all and told all, “Trump is Putin’s Puppet!” No one listened and all should have, especially when Trump had the guts to say on national television, “Russia, I hope you can find Hillary’s emails!” Publically he did this and no one reacted or called him on it.

Russian Rubles flowed as Manafort passed the polling data to the Russians on Trump’s behalf, and then Russia paid for Internet ads, newspaper ads, and radio ads and more, convincing lower income and middle income americans to vote for Trump and targeting the Electoral College members. Sadly the Electoral College Members went right along with it all and voted Trump in, while the American Public voted for Hillary Clinton by more than 300,000 votes in the popular vote.

In my book Trump is not even a legitimate President, he was bought and paid for by Putin and Russia.

At some point soon Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will finish and release his Russia Investigation Report. It’s coming, I am sure. when it does Americans may wake up then, for they will have no choice, it will slap them in the face as to what Trump did. He sold America to Russia and does Russia’s bidding in the White House. Want proof, watch the tapes of him, in the Oval Office when he fired James Comey laughing and telling the Russians how he got rid of him. They all laugh and have a good time, why would he be telling Russians in the Oval Office, about firing the FBI Director, it’s none of their business! Sad!

I will state it once more here in my blog:

Donald John Trump, is a Traitor, he is guilty of Treason Against The United States of America. He has sold us to Russia and Putin. In my opinion, Donald John Trump should be tarred and feather and run out of Washington on a pole, never to be heard from again.

Lets stop Donald John Trump, how you ask simple, 1) Indict and arrest Donald Trump Jr.- lying to the Senate, Trump Tower Meeting 2) Indict and arrest Ivanka Trump Kushner for using the same email system for personal purposes that Donald wanted to lock Hillary up for, Lock Her Up! 3) Indict and Arrest Eric trump for stealing charity funds and using them for his own purposes 4) Indict and arrest Jared Kushner for Trump Tower Meeting and acting as a Government Official without a security clearance issued by the Congress. Then remove all temporary replacements not approved by Congress in the White House.

A plan must be put in place to shut Donald John Trump down and remove him from the Presidency, it is time. You can’t have a President, hiding his conversations and destroying transcripts of said conversations with the russian President and no one reacting to it. It’s a treasonable act to hide it from Congress and the American People.

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