Donald John Trump should be tarred, feathered, removed from office!

I have heard all of it now, and it is so crazy to hear a President of the United States have to stand before reporters and answer the question, Did you or are you working for Putin and the Russians? It’s sad to even hear a President accused of such things and questioned about such things, and yet as Hillary Clinton said, and is now being proven day by day, Trump is Putin’s Puppet!

Does anyone realize, how insane this is, a President of the United States in Office, who had numerous contacts with Putin, the Russians, hid and destroyed notes of meetings with Putin, has so many indicted individuals around him, yet the Republicans are not acting? What is wrong with the Republicans? This situation is worse than Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton ever imagined or would think of doing! Believe me I love American History, I have reviewed and studied it.

Case #1- Andrew Johnson, was Impeached primarily for trying to fire Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, he stayed in office and finished his term.

Case #2- Richard M. Nixon-Impeached for Watergate Break-ins, lying to the American Public. Obstruction of Justice and Misuse of Power

Case #3- Bill Clinton- Impeached for an affair with Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater. Yes and as a TV Commentator said, Impeached for a blowjob and lying about it to the American People. Denial will get ya!

Please note the following in common items in all cases, Misuse of Power, Lying, Illegal Acts. I point this out because although the grounds for impeaching the above three Presidents was a low set bar, and yes they were impeached, not a one of them involved contact, discussions, and collusion with an enemy state of the United States of America. None of them dared to cross into that area of working with another country who is our enemy, to further their own interests or the other countries interest against America. Trump has!

Donald John Trump, worked with Russia and Putin and has lowered and destroyed America from within. Yet, the Republicans will sit and let him do it? Why? Please Answer me that Question!

Please note: Donald Trump has Obstructed Justice, Misused Power of the Office, worked in concert with Russians to get himself elected, and had russian rubles pay the way to the Presidency. Collusion, I remind all, is nothing but a fancy word for Treason. They use the word Collusion, because an outright accusation of Treason is hard, and in fact the punishment is really hanging for doing it.

If the Forefathers of America, saw what is going on today, they would have had Donald John Trump, tarred and feathered and rode out of Washington on a pole, and then sent to Russia to live.

Donald John Trump is indeed a Traitor to America, I remind all, Benedict Arnold pulled the same shit when America was forming and fighting the Revolutionary War. He sold out to Britain, in case anyone forgot, and in the end Arnold died in Britain, never to return to America again, a sad man who died in his American Uniform crying to come back.

Donald John Trump should be tarred, feathered, removed from office, and sent to go live in Russia and never be allowed back in America!

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