Enough is Enough!Call your Senators, call your Representatives, Demand Action now!

When is it enough, when will we all finally say Enough is Enough Donald Trump?

Please explain that to me Americans, How far will we let Donald Trump go in destroying America, it’s constitution, it’s form of democracy, , the republic our forefathers put on this planet?

Simply put, America at this stage and all the evidence and information coming out on Donald J. Trump and what he has done, isn’t it about time to do the following. 1) Sanction him for behavior and misuse of power! Or Force him to Resign based on pure Evidence, or 3) Impeach him and lets move on and get us back on the map as a Nation and recover what he has destroyed!

Enough is what I say, shouldn’t you be saying it too? The proof is out there and he never denies it either and can’t for the evidence is right there in front of our faces.

Congress must move to Sanction, Force to Resign or Impeach Donald John Trump immediately! He is working for Russia and Putin and as Hillary clinton said during the 2016 election on national television he is Putin’s Puppet, lets stop him now!

No one listened to Hillary Clinton then and now look where we are! Congress, must act, the Senate must Act, the House must act, save the Republic, save Democracy, save the United States!

Call your Senators, call your Representatives, Demand Action now!

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