1.2 Billion a week/ End the Shut Down

The cost of the Trump Shutdown is 1.2 billion per week folks, now we are 25 days into it, and that breaks down to almost 4 full weeks. 1.2 x 4 equals 4.8 billion dollars, add the interest to the overdue bills, and we are far exceeding 5.7 billion Trump wants for his wall. Sad, isn’t it!

This is a unnecessary shutdown and it is hurting too many americans, some compromise must be reached soon. Food Kitchen are being opened to feed out of work federal employees now, people can’t feed their children or pay their rent and will end up on the street, does Trump care about anyone but himself here?

Soon food stamps will be cut for those in need, what’s next I ask,? How far is Trump willing to go to get his wall funding? Soon the economy will break and tumble along with his shutdown, then what happens?

I agree with Speaker Pelosi’s action and statement, we already know the State of The Union, it’s failing, because of Trump world wide. Trump should not be allowed in The house Chamber to give his speech, until such time as the government is back to work fully and returned to normal. Trump loves being seen on tv and heard across the airwaves, but he cares not for his own country or it’s people, if he did he would end this shutdown now!

It is all following his life, and style of it, selfishness, uncaring, no empathy for anyone but himself and he is acting like a petulant man-child who is spoiled and has to have his way every time. Well one good thing about having Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house and the House Democratic Leader is, she is a mother and knows a damn temper tantrum when she sees one. She is not going to give in, and she shouldn’t, the wall is a waste of time, effort, and money, period. Any wall would be tunnelled under, climbed over, or gone around the first day it is built. Want proof, go look at the tunnels already found, they were deep, long and still exist today to see for yourself. Sadly, the fact is a southern border wall, would be nothing except a big tribute to Trump is all. IT’s not worth even mentioning never mind building.

Onward we go, William Barr, the nominee for Attorney General should not be approved. This man won’t guarantee we see Mueller’s Russia Investigation report in full, except for the redactions needed for Federal Security, He is going to cover up for Trump so the american people don’t get the full truth! What needs to be done is the report should be written in accordance with all federal and legal laws, but when finished it should be released simultaneously to The Attorney General’s Office, The President’s Office and the Media and Newspapers. Let all of us see the truth, let all of us know for sure what happened during the 2016 Presidential Election and what Trump and his cronies have done. No Secrets we are paying for it, let us see it all!

Let me finish today with this, Trump was elected President using Russian Rubles, Russian Influence, and Russian help. At 38 people indicted and more to come plus the convictions already in, isn’t it time the Republican Senate reacted to it all, and took action, or are the American People going to sit by and allow the Senate and Mitch McConnell to block and protect the President for his High Crimes and Misdemeanors and so much more? Call your Senators, call Mitch McConnell, take a trip and sit on McConnells front lawn, and tell him enough is enough. Make him take action and the Senate too, react now. As America’s position in the world as a leader tumbles into the abyss, Russia and Putin celebrate as does, Isis, and Kim Jung Un and North Korea. We have lost the leadership position, economically, politically, and morally. we have now sunk below the line and are second or third to other world powers, sadly no one is caring, especially Trump. He;s happy with the status quo so to say, as long as he gets his way like a spoiled little petulant man child that he is. Daddy gave him everything, he even got him out of the draft four times and paid to make sure. America and Congress must act now, or we shall go further in debt, further down the totem pole of standing in the world. Is that what all Americans want, no Health Care, jobs disappearing, companies shutting down, a Government shutdown and people starving and looking for places to live to stay off our streets? That’s where we are heading folks!

It’s time to call your Senators, Congressman and Women, and press for an end to the Shutdown, and an end to Trump’s way of life, and leadership. It’s time to force Trump to Resign or Impeach him!

If no pressure works, then I suggest Congress Indict, Donald Trump Jr. , Ivanka Trump Kushner and Eric Trump too. Jared Kushner should be indicted too. Take the whole clan down, it is illegal for a President to pardon his own family members, remember that. Force Trump’s hand it’s time!

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