Who is lying, Trump and his children or all of these people?

The Recent report that Trump Ordered Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower Project, may not be one hundred percent correct as stated by Mueller’s team, yet, I believe it is mostly true. Perfection is not a normal thing for any news agency and BuzzFeed is like all the rest doing the best they can with the information they can gather and confirm. If a source misspoke, it happens or if they were misunderstood that happens too.

The fact that such a report or story even could exist though tells us just how much trouble America is in at this time and place in its history. Stop and think, 56 percent of Americans want Trump forced to be Impeached or Resign at this stage in time. Doesn’t that tell you something in and of itself ? Whether BuzzFeed’s report and story is one hundred percent correct or not, at this stage, means very little. I don’t know one newspaper or agency that doesn’t make mistakes, including my own area news teams and newspapers. It is the basis of the story that is worrying folks, not the exact one. The basis being we have a corrupt President in office who colluded with Russia our enemy to steal the 2016 Presidential Election, that is what matters most. That he Obstructs Justice on a daily basis, lies to the American People and Abuses and Misuses his Presidential Powers in all ways, he truly believes he is a Dictator or something, all you have to do is listen and watch him.

I am not defending the fact that BuzzFeed may have been misled by their contributions from others to their story, nor am I letting it slide that they may have made a mistake. But, I am saying that, in order for such a story to be considered, doesn’t that tell you something about the present status of politics and the Presidential Office at this time and date?

Warning shots keep coming from Mueller’s Russia Investigation as people get indicted, subpoenaed and arrested. The fact that we need a Russia Investigation because an American, ran for President using Russian Rubles and Russian help and backing and won, is totally wrong and messed up. The fact that the American People fell for and followed and elected such an individual tells me they are not fully paying attention to the most important elections in American History.

The fact that Americans can be so blind and so ignorant of what was happening is shocking to me and many other Americans who now suffer because they did so.

Look the fact that we even have to have a Special Prosecutor and that 30 some odd people are indicted and some convicted, at least two now and more to come, should tell you that Trump worked with Russia to get the Presidency. It’s a sad story for Americans and American History.

The fact that this President is acting like a petulant, man-child, trying to get a border wall between us and Mexico is also very sad. I remind all who are backing this wall he pushes and is demanding of a few things here and now. 1) The United States and Mexico and Canada have lived side by side for 242 years without a wall on either border, it’s never been needed. 2) A wall will not stop anyone or anything from entering the United States, the drugs and immigrants and crime will keep flowing because they will go around, over or under it in anyway they want. If you want proof of this, take a look at the tunnels under said walls already in place, used by drug cartel warlords like El Chapo. 3) The drugs Trump keeps talking about are shipped in through ports and airports to the United States hidden in parcels and packages and crates. 4) There is no immigrant invasion of America there never has been and never will be, our current immigration policy controls that in all ways. They can come to the border and apply to enter on visas and for political reasons, but America has a right to refuse them citizenship and to deport them right back out. We do it daily in many ways.

Now that said, this current shutdown, must end whether Trump, or Pelosi gives in matters, not anymore. What matters is the 800,000 people out of work, the effects this is having on the american economy, the detrimental effects the shutdown is having on America’s morale and well-being too. It has gone too far, and unless it ends it will destruct everything we have. If you don’t understand what I am saying, than you are a blind follower of a President who lacks empathy, has moral and ethic issues and who is indeed a Putin Puppet. He’s narcissistic, selfish, and doesn’t care!

Hillary Clinton did not lie folks, she told you and Trump in front of the world on national television Trump is a puppet of Putin! I loved how Trump panicked, stuttered and repeated himself looking so guilty when she did it. Right there and then, even before the election I knew that is what he is a puppet. We all have our own opinions and thoughts, so I won’t push it further.

800,000 Government Employees out of Work, the TSA and Border Patrols lessened and damaged, our economy about to be hit big time, and no movement to open the Government up, is sad. A President who sits and allows americans to lose their food stamps, medical benefits and homes and have to stand in food line to get fed, all because he wants a wall that will never work. It’s sad, he doesn’t care about you or me, folks, he has his billions to live on, he has never really worked a day in his life. He is a rich, spoiled, no empathy, no morals person, who shouldn’t be the President, sadly too many uneducated, blind followers were produced by the Russia Propaganda Machine in the 2016 election cycle, and they are hooked, by it all.

As we get ready to hear from Michael Cohen in early February, and he tells us what he knows, more will explode across the world news ad television screens. I thought is very funny, that Donald Trump JR.s decided to come out and attack the media over the BuzzFeed report, saying the media screwed up or whatever he said. In fact I wouldn’t believe anything that came out of a person’s mouth who lied to the Senate and House, and attended a Trump Tower Meeting with Russians. Why would i, he already sold America out. He belongs in a prison, as does Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump Kushner and Eric Trump too. all three Trump children have committed felony offenses against the United states Government and should be indicted and put on trial. One thing I want to point out, which I find very interesting and all should know, A President of the United States can not pardon his own family members, it’s illegal, and would a be felony crime in and of itself.

I say this for all who think I am crazy, or don’t know what I am talking about, you wish to stop Trump’s antics, his behavior and his actions and force his resignation, Indict Donald Trump Jr. Indict Ivanka Trump Kushner, Indict Jared Kushner and indict Eric Trump. The only protection Trump can give his children who he put at risk by involving them in his campaign, is money for lawyers like Rudy. They will go to prison for federal offenses if indicted i have no doubt about it.

In the end let me say this, whether one news report is wrong or not exactly right, makes no difference in this case. It may make a difference to BUzzFeed and their editors as to how they vet their stories and what they do before they release tham, but that’s it. The bottom line is this, the fact that such stories are being hunted down and reported about a President of The United States while he is in Office is a disgrace to America.


 Paul Manafort

Rick Gates

Michael Flynn

13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies

 Richard Pinedo

Alex van der Zwaan

 Konstantin Kilimnik

12 Russian GRU officers

 Michael Cohen

These are the Indicted and Convicted Listed above, now I ask you one question, Why would all of these individuals take actions to promote and advance an American who was seekings the American Presidency? And who is lying Trump and his children or all of the above people? You tell me America?

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