Reality Check January 2019

Let’s do a reality check for 2019 so far. At least for America, we can do it simply by saying America is shutdown. Here is the biggest and saddest part of this Trump Shutdown that is happening right now.

  1. Trump, shutdown the government on the grounds of needing a wall on our southern border and the democrats refusal to give him his 5.7 billion for it.
  2. Purpose of said wall from Trump’s side, simple to make it harder for illegal immigrants and drugs to get into the USA. fact is by shutting down the government Trump has made it easier for people and drugs to enter the USA.
  3. We have proof of the wall not being worth a dime if built, by just looking at the tunnels under the existing one, already dug. Used to bring immigrants and drugs already. No wall will stop any drugs or people, they go over, under and around anyway they can.
  4. Mueller’s Russia Investigation rolls on despite Trump’s repeated calls for it to end. Mueller will not be stopped and Trump knows it, so he diverts, distracts, and tries to avoid all of it. He can’t, it’s his mess as much as the Wall mess and Shutdown is.
  5. In the end let me say this, whether one news report is wrong or not exactly right, makes no difference in this case. It may make a difference to BuzzFeed and their editors as to how they vet their stories and what they do before they release them, but that’s it. The bottom line is this, the fact that such stories are being hunted down and reported about a President of The United States while he is in Office is a disgrace to America.

  6. George
     Paul Manafort
    Rick Gates
    Michael Flynn
    Richard Pinedo
    Alex van der Zwaan
     Konstantin Kilimnik
    Michael Cohen
    13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
    12 Russian GRU officers

  7. These are the Indicted and Convicted Listed above, now I ask you one question, Why would all of these individuals take actions to promote and advance an American who was seekings the American Presidency? And who is lying Trump and his children or all of the above people? You tell me America?
  8. Add in those yet to be indicted or convicted or arrested, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump Kushner, Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, and more we can’t even name as of yet.
  9. The State of The Union of The uNited states of America, is shutdown and not running, The senate and house at a halt and unable to compromise and reopen the government. 800,000 Federal Employees out of work and not getting paid, restaurants closing and families going without food and not able to pay their bills.
  10. No Healthcare being provided for the elderly or disabled in America by our Government, when we had Obama Care but Trump murdered it. Why?
  11. In the end let me say this, Trump doesn’t need a 5.7 billion dollar wall on the U.S,, Mexican Border, we haven’t needed on in 242 years going on 243. What this is about is exactly what Ann Coulter told him, “Unless you build the wall, you won’t have a legacy Donald!” He wants a nice 300 foot high wall with his name on it, so he will be remembered is all whether it helps anyone or anything does not matter.
  12. Trump’s Legacy will not be a big southern border wall, he will never get on Mount Rushmore as he wants, nor will he be remembered once gone as a decent President, never mind a great one.
  13. Donald John Trump will go down as the most illegal President in History, he will be remembered as worse then andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton combined. he lies to the American People on average 25 times a day.
  14. Articles of Impeachment should be written for the following reasons, A) Obstruction of Justice, B) Tampering with and threatening Witnesses.C) Collusion against the United States, Treason. D) Misuse of Powers.E) Breaking the Emolument Clause of the Constitution and being paid while in office by foreign powers, while in office.
  15. Lack of Empathy and morals and ethics in general.

Let me say this to all Americans, I don’t care if your Democrat, republican, Independent or any other political affiliation, I don’t care if you are white, black, yellow, brown or any other color, this President is a Bigot, a racist, he’s also lost and has no idea what he hell he is doing. He doesn’t run the White house or the Government, he isn’t running anything, it’s running him. Pence speaks up when he can and directs from behind the scenes, Jared Kushner tells him what to do and he does it. he doesn’t listen to Military Advisor, his own Chief of Staff, or Secretaries. He is being run by the far right of the Republican Party, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and such. This is the most outrageous, Presidency in the history of America.

Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Schumer need to sit down, look at this shutdown closely, come to a compromise that will pass with a majority that can overcome a veto by Trump and reopen the Government now! If McConnell will not react and work with the Democrats, then he should be removed from office, and not reelected for another term.

To the Federal Employees, now standing in food lines and trying to pay their bills and the ones told to go back to work without pay, I say this, don’t work for no pay refuse stay home. gather together, instead of protesting at The Senate, which is good for all to see, take a trek, to Louisville, Kentucky, sit on MItch McConnell’s front lawn and outside of his home and protest, ask him for mortgage, rent and food money and child care money too. He’s rich, he has money, he is comfortable as he sits and waits for the impasse to pass on it’s own and he doesn’t give two cents about the average american.

To The TSA Employees and The Coast Guard too, stop working for free, stand down, let the airports go without security, let the coast be wide open, lets see how long the President and the Republicans will allow it. Remember if all react together, and get it down, United You Stand, Divided you fall, Stand United Stop The ShutDown Together!

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