Do you believe as a Republican Party member, that Donald J. Trump can win Reelection?

As we go on in the shutdown of the American Government driven by Trump’s foolish wanting of a wall with his name on it,over 800,000 people are hurting and can’t pay their bills, including rent, mortgages and food. Some may even be forced out of their homes, due to the lack of a paycheck, caused by the Trump Shutdown, 33 days now. Does Donald Trump realize what he is doing to these people and it is now spreading, to other areas of America and its economy. How much longer and further will it go and why?

I find it amazing, that the President of the United States, Donald, J, Trump, can’t act on his own and end this madness. No he has to call Fox News for answers on what to do next and listen to people like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity, pundits with less brains than balls, either of them. Their just talking heads Donald, they talk you listen and follow blindly and America suffers. Stupidity is what stupidity does, and it is stupid to follow Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity for advice.

We all get it now Donald Trump, you don’t want the wall for security, you want the wall because Ann Coulter told you, you will have no legacy if you don’t get the wall built, you want your Trump name and brand put on the wall for eternity. Sadly, adults don’t do things that way Donald, Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Roosevelt didn’t get on the anything that way and were memorialized because they cared about the people, not themselves. Martin Luther King Jr,, Medgar Evers, and other black leaders the same, they stood for equal rights and get remembered daily, you won’t Donald J. Trump because your heartless, non caring, foolish and idiotic.

As time goes on and it will, shutdown or no shutdown, you can’t build a legacy on negativity Donald. It, doesn’t give you, your legacy, and in the end you will end up in the same part of the history books as Richard M. Nixon, a criminal, who was forced to resign the Presidency. The difference is, Nixon was a better man than you can ever be, yes he overstepped and committed crimes, but in the end, he had a better stance on foreign policy and opened up China and Russia to the world. You can’t even keep workers in their jobs and the government open. Sad!

As the Mueller Investigation grinds on and more and more of your connections to Putin and Russia come to light, the conditions are getting worse for you to survive in the presidency and in America. I think you should make plans to go live in beautiful downtown Moscow Donald, that way you can see Putin daily and kiss his ass up close and personal!

You lied about where your money came from, you lied about why you didn’t serve in the military and from there it is just getting worse and adding up big time. Your not a businessman of any acclaim or skills, you can’t negotiate your way out of a bag, never mind out of a shutdown. Your books on making deals, are not really yours either, they were written by ghostwriters for you. Sad.

Your Legacy will not be tied to a big bad wall between Mexico and the United States!. Your Legacy will not be disarmament of North Korea, or the fact you withdrew us from Syria, Afghanistan or the Paris Accords or NATO, it will be one of full failure as a President and Citizen of America. Your a walking talking, lying, traitor and Colluder. Your an Obstruction of Justice, you Misuse the Powers of the Presidency to get your own way and a criminal for taking hostage over 800,000 Americans just to get your way or attempt to. And that’s even before Mueller’s Russia Report is released and completed.

My one Question for Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party is this, Do you all really think, Donald J. Trump should be your candidate for The Presidency in 2020? If you do, then you are blinder than his 35 percent followers, for 57 percent of Americans disapprove of all he does! So, Answer that one, Do you believe as a Republican Party member, that Donald J. Trump can win Reelection?

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