My 63rd Birthday Thoughts!

Today I turn 63 years old, to me it is amazing, I always thought I would be dead and long gone by 40. I ran fast, hard, fought, loved, served and had kids. I had two of everything by 35 years old. I have lived a life of fortunate events for sure, but like everyone else I have had my bad moments and times. Yet, I am still here at 63, it is amazing!

I have always told others no matter what you do treat others decent, never hurt anyone purposely. I know for i have been hurt more than once in many ways and in the end I do what few do, but, I do it, I walk away from pain and hurt, and still survive.

MY life is filled with difficulties that’s for sure, of all kinds. Start with my birth 63 years ago, I came into the world 10 lbs 9 ounces, and basically ruin my mother from giving birth in the natural way. I was too big. I am if nothing else an ironic person for as the families biggest baby, I grew to be the smallest adult, figure that one out.

Survival, is something we all do automatically, whether your know it or out and out of desperation and need we find the ways to keep alive. I survived a mother who hated me because I looked like my father, She smacked me around to control me when, I was young because had Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity. I survived when she tried to give me away to the State of Connecticut and returned home two years later, survival!

I survived a Elementary School, that I hated and it hated me too. My fellow students hated me, attempted to beat me up and ignored me. Yet, I survived it from one to 5th grade, got put away for two years and came back and graduated it. Not bad, for I refused to give up.

I survived a step-father who beat me silly, threw me down stairs and made me work with him to rebuild a home for us to live in.He even took all my money when I had two paper routes , and I never got a dime. beating were in the basement. I did survive though. I escaped the house, found friends and used surrogate parents to keep going.

I survived the streets of my hometown when my step-father packed y stuff and threw me out into the streets in the snow too. I survived living in the YMCA for years too, and the Military for 16 years too. I slept on so many couches, I think my name was on them.

I have survived, beatings, abandonment, and survived and had one marriage with two of everything, including children. It’s amazing.

I survived and maintained my second marriage, and it is still going on 19 years later and the relationship if now over 25 years old. How is the question I would guess.

Here is my answer, determination, survival instincts, learning from others, and maybe most of all compromise. Compromise is needed in any relationship or situation folks. It we don’t compromise, we don’t survive, your marriage won’t survive, your job wouldn’t survive, your children won’t survive it all either, unless compromise is taught and done by all living beings.

Here is the point, As we age and grow older we learn, we adapt, and we compromise. We apologize for what we did wrong, we make sure we don’t do it twice, and each day is one step at a time. when you open your eyes and your still breathing, say thanks, and continue on, and remember, help those you can, when you can and how you can, for when you do die, they don’t remember the angry, they don’t remember the foolish, they don’t remember you for what you owned, for what you had, they remember you for who who cared for, how you cared for them, and what you did for others. Life is not about materialistic items one can buy, or how much money you have, those are things you accumulate over time, you will be remembered for how you treat others, and for compromising as needed with them along the way.

Each day, each week I spend now, surviving Lung Cancer, I was lucky. My wife God Bless her isa Breast Cancer Patient since 2006, it went into remission for nine years and came back worse then ever in 2015. Since then I have been taking care of her the best I can, helping her shower and dress, daily, taking her for radiation and chemo as needed. And I have not left her side, I even have been sleeping on the couch next to her as she sleeps in a recliner each night so, I won’t leave her alone. It’s been my life, sleeping on couches and caring for others, Destiny is strange and goes in circles, always remember, what goes around comes around. We live in quiet and in peace, a home, and her and I, and when something happens, well, the end comes to all doesn’t it, even us survivors!

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