Isn’t it time now,Impeach him, or give him the same option they gave Richard M. Nixon, Resign or be Impeached!

Life must now continue on, for all, after the Government has reopened. As to who won the shutdown face-off it doesn’t matter, for the families and people who needed to go back to work so they can live did.

Let’s move on, if Trump believes he needs security on the southern border, give him technical help, give him personnel, but no wall. The wall will never work, they will go under, tunnels already exist and are found daily. They will come over or go around also. The Drugs, are not coming across the southern border, nor are immigrants we can’t control. Drugs and people are coming in through airports and ports and docks on our coasts of America. Beef up port security at all ports and points of entry.

End of Wall confrontation and demand, just because Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity demanded Trump build a wall on the southern border does not mean one is needed. I know Trump want a wall so, he can say, there is my legacy, look I built this huge wall, on the southern border and it protects Americans, and it will forever be known as Trump’s Wall, the great builder and negotiator right, wrong it’s a waste of time and money and suffering!

Donald Trump has bigger troubles then trying to build a wall now. His troubles are about to multiply far beyond any care, need or want of a wall, Robert Mueller’s Investigation is coming fast. There is no barrier, wall, slats or cement that will stop Robert Mueller’s Investigation DOnald, it’s coming. The proof has already hit with Roger Stone’s arrest and indictment coming up. Now the only question is, did Stone’s texting lead to Steve Bannon, Donald Trump Jr. or straight to you Donald Trump. Whichever it is, high up in the Trump Campaign Organization who authorized the search for information for Hillary’s E-mails and trash on her, wil come down next. Mueller and his team, are now knocking on Donald Trump’s Oval Office Door!

Everyone of those who have fell during this investigation so far, all pled innocent at first and denied they would ever testify against Donald Trump, in the end when it comes down to 6 months in a prison or 20 years they all will talk, ask Flynn, ask Papadoulis, ask Manafort, one by one they will all break, you will see. The numbers of people involved are growing and so is the conviction and indictment list, Donald. The list is now at 38 people, plus Russian Agents and companies.

Let me say this one more time for all to hear, 38 people don’t get indicted, arrested, or convicted because of nothing and because they are all lying about the Trump family and Donald Trump. So before you knock this blog or statement i am making, you better stop and think of the following too.

Andrew Johnson, Impeached for firing Edwin Stanton Secretary of war under Lincoln when he took over.

Richard M. Nixon- Impeached for the Watergate Break-ins, and lying, Abuse of Power, Misuse of Power.

William Jefferson Clinton Impeached for lying to America, and a damn blow-job.

I submit that Donald John Trump is guilty of and has committed more crimes against the American People and the American Government than any of the above Presidents, before him. In each case the Congress, both House Senate and House of Representatives, grew a set of balls and acted against them in the end. Isn’t it time now, for the Senate and House of Representatives to write Articles of Impeachment against Donald John Trump, and Impeach him, or give him the same option they gave Richard M. Nixon, Resign or be Impeached!

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