A little fun advice, in a Different Battleground!

Lets have some fun today. In the past I have been all serious about the current politics and conditions of America and our need to change somethings.

So, instead of going back into what I call the political arena and fights today, let’s look at a different battle that happens everyday, in the world all over the world in every country.

The battle of the sexes, is always one people will argue about, yell at one another about and demand attention about also. I mean no matter what mankind does as a species, we have the battle of the two sexes happening daily. We have the battle of who deserves more money for doing the same job, well my solution same job, same pay for everyone, who cares what sex you have, as long as you get the job done correctly, you get the pay too!

Next, debate and advice is included here for men specifically.

  1. Never touch a woman’s toothbrush, I don’t care if you break yours or drop it in the crapper so to say, don’t use hers, she will kill ya!
  2. Remember when you say I Do, she hears you say, I do the repairs, the car, house and yard repairs, I do the bill paying, I do the cooking and cleaning too. If you don’t, don’t expect to be around long!
  3. Men, you marry or live with a woman certain things you can expect to have to buy too, bras, panties and women’s pads, lol. Yes I know ya will feel humiliated and embarrassed standing in line at the cash register, but you will do it, if ya love her and care, ya will.
  4. Never, and I mean never interrupt a woman, in the midst of telling a story or joke, or you will hear, you never listen, all the rest of your life.
  5. Men if you like having money in hand or wallet, don’t get married, women know we like toys for boys and drinks and gambling and sports, so learn to live broke, or don’t get married.
  6. Never once married buy a major item without the wife’s approval, you try it and she will go crazy on ya, you can’t make those decisions without her if you want to stay married.
  7. Learn to compromise, if you don’t compromise the arguments become your whole life, believe me they don’t let go of what they believe period.
  8. Men, ask before you take off for a day, or a trip, unless it’s business to make income. If it is for pleasure, ask, or don’t go. If you go and don’t ask, well you pay a price when ya come home.
  9. If married, never, and I mean never, like as soon as you can, don’t stay a one car family. Buy her her own car and let her roam, or you will be told your locking her up at home.
  10. Final one here and maybe the most important, if she says your stupid, dumb, don’t know what your talking about or anything along those lines, just either ignore it and walk away, or shake your head yes, and say nothing. Otherwise as soon as you open your mouth you lose, she won!.

I can go one here and on, but these are just a few things about the battle between the sexes that are facts and funny to me. Men find a job you like, before you get married and once married stick to it. Don’t lose your job while married, if you do, well your labeled a loser and in big trouble. A woman will support you for one job lose period, after that your done, lose a second job and you might as well run and hide.

One more thing for men and women both here. Cheating on a spouse happens on both sides. Men do it, Women do it, and no one can deny this is true. Be prepared. know what your gonna do if it happens ahead of time. He or she cheats, have a determination in mind to either forgive and forget, or to flame em up and divorce em. Shit happens folks, be prepared!

Finally, the child fight scenario. I have seen this numerous times in the world and in many divorces. I warn all here, children are not your toys or weapons to be used against your ex-spouse! Don’t sit once divorced and talk about how awful your ex and his or her family was or is around your kids. Don’t fight in front of your kids with your ex!. Have a problem, they are not paying their half or their child support or alimony, that’s what courts and lawyers are for, not, using your children as weapons, got it!

Some write advice columns on politics, I do myself, some on food and cooking, some on habits or hobbies, some on music and movies, and entertainment, even some on work and automobiles and such. Me, I write on whatever hits me on a certain day I am writing.

Oh one thing as I end this: I want no one to take what I said above serious, it is intended as funny! Please don’t go crazy over it !

Oh one more thing today. I am not a professional writer, yet I do write poems, short stories and make little books out of them to try to sell on Amazon’s ebook site. Here is the Link for my Amazon Author’s Page-


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And of course, want to see my blog, when I do it and it hits me to: https://wordpress.com/view/macattack56.wordpress.com here is the link too!

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