How long will the Republican Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, keep supporting Donald Trump and backing him?

Before every major storm there is a dark and dangerously quiet period of time. Before each hurricane, typhon, tsunami, or thunder storm, a deathly quiet falls over the area, and then it hits like a massive earthquake!

I believe we have now hit the quiet before the Major Storm that will be the Russia Investigation Results from Robert Mueller and his team!

The numbers indicted and arrested have grown over the last two plus years, the trails lead from Russia to Wikileaks, to Assange, to Stone, to Manafort, to Trump, just follow the threads folks. 37 Indictments!

As Manafort gets ready to live his life out behind bars and Roger Stone is gagged by a Judge in his own case, it keeps getting deeper and deeper, over 100 connections between Trump Campaign members and the Russians. Facebook, should run for cover also for allowing Russia to use their service to advertise, promote Trump and his rhetoric. They did not do background checks well enough before they let the Russians do what they wanted on their service. Russian Rubles won the 2016 election and stole our democracy!

While all of the above is happening in the Russia Investigation, there is a second major front blowing in over Trump’s home state of New York in it’s Southern District. Each and every business entity Trump owns is under investigation by the Southern District of New York, including his banking with his bank overseas. Why did they give him loans when no one else in the world would? Are the Russians the actual loan givers?

The erie quiet right now, out of both of these investigative fronts is deafening and makes one think, it has to be coming. Then we add in The House of Representatives Committees and their Investigations into all things Trump and the levels of danger rise more, don’t they for Trump!

Am I doing wishful thinking, or being a die-hard liberal, or am I just facing facts here folks, you tell me!

Trump’s performance as President sucks really, he has zero real accomplishments, if there are any at all, I would be amazed and I haven’t seen any really mentioned or pointed out. sadly, he has failed and screwed up everything thing he has touched since being elected.

Now he wants to move money allocated to other government agencies around to fund his border wall. I remind all, The President is not the one who allocates, allots, or approves funding in The United States Government, The House of Representatives has that power.

There is no Emergency on the southern border of the United States period and Trump knows it himself, as he stated in his own speech in the Rose Garden, “I don’t have to really do this, I am doing it so I can build the wall faster, that’s what I want!”. That is not a Federal Emergency folks, it is a President who couldn’t get Congress or the American People to want a wall, being a petulant man-child and trying to circumvent Congress and the American People. He thinks he is a Dictator, or something, he isn’t, we are still a Republic and a Democracy !

Now let’s discuss his speech in the Rose Garden declaring this so called Emergency! Am I alone in noticing how he spoke and repeated himself over and over, and did so in a sing song rendition way? No President talks that way, no person talks that way period, the highs and lows in a sing a long verse were sick and ridiculous. What is wrong with Donald John Trump? I am worried and concerned and so are millions of other Americans I am sure now that he is not all there or mentally ill, by seeing his performance. Am I right is there a mental illness affecting the President of the United States?

Andrew McCabe may have been correct, when he talked of trying to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment, he may have seen what we are now seeing, happening within the White House Walls! Trump’s behavior and actions lead me to believe like Andrew McCabe did, Trump is unstable and dangerous to America’s well being!

My next question now, becomes what happened to Lindsey Graham, the Senator from South Carolina? Now after some rounds of golf with the President and a visit to Russia himself, he is a die-hard Trump supporter, why? Someone needs to take a closer look at Lindsey Graham, his change in behavior, his swing to die-hard Trump supporter and why he changed so dramatically after his trip to Russia! What is up with Lindsey Graham folks, you tell me, is it golfing with Trump and kissing Trump’s ass, or Russia or has Graham actually become a Trump ass kisser now?

As the legal Issues from all the Investigations grow for Trump, and he knows himself he didn’t have to Declare an Emergency to build his wall, he also understands under it all he lost. No court is going to back his play for the wall funds, after he outright admitted he didn’t have to Declare an Emergency for the Wall, he is building it anyway, and he just wants it done faster. That means there is no real emergency folks on the southern border, what there is, is an emergency in Trump’s extreme right wing, that wanted the wall for his Legacy is all.

In the end here is something to consider, one half of the extreme right activist couple at Fox News, Ann Coulter said it best after Trump Declared his Emergency, “There is no emergency in America, the only emergency in America is in the White House, The President himself!” She summed it up in that one folks, the wall is a fabricated emergency and even the extreme right knows it.!

My only question is this, how long will the Republican Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, keep supporting Donald Trump and backing him? I remind all of one very important fact at this point, Senator Mitch McConnell is up for Reelection in 2020, maybe just maybe, the people of Kentucky, should start thinking it’s time for Mitch to go!

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