If Americans allow this to happen?

Being February 2019, we are now getting candidates from the Democrats to run against Donald Trump, who all are presuming will be the Republican to face. Yet with the Russia Investigation getting ready to be released by Mueller and his team and the Southern District of New York, going through Trump’s Empire and Businesses and finances, his die-hard supporters think he can get a second term, why is that?

What will I as an Independent Voter being watching this year and all next year, to determine who I will vote for in 2020? Well I have been asked this a few times and the first and foremost thing is a person without criminal charges and investigations surrounding them.

Secondly, a person who supports medical insurance for all under a government program. America needs a health program like Canada has or the ones overseas, that work and cover all of our citizens. Our current President came in with a plan to kill Obama Care, and basically did so, but came up with no replacement to cover what he took away. He left millions and millions of American with nothing and high price medical costs they can’t pay. So what all need is a healthcare program that covers all, period, go to Canada or overseas, find the best there is and bring it home to America and make it work is what I say.

We need someone who will stop placing tariffs on every country there is, especially our allies. We need someone who will not build a border wall on our southern border, by breaking the Constitution and stealing funds to do so. We don’t need a damn wall, we need education for all, we need jobs for all, we need a President who can make American jobs that will stay here and pay over 10.00 a hour or better so people can live.

Too many Americans fell for Trump’s pitch in 2016, and were afraid of Hillary Clinton. They ran to Trump the big business man who can create jobs and make the economy boom right, we got nothing in the end, really. Trump is claiming jobs that he didn’t create, Obama created them, he is just taking the credit for them to make himself look good.

Look, we have a current president who is a criminal in more ways than one, and the Democratic field is getting filled with candidates left and right, who all think they have a choice to win. Before, I choose anyone, no matter which party, I am looking at the things I want fixed, the things we need done and improved on and the corrections needed at this time.

Laws have to be changed in how an Election is run, laws must be increased on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, it is apparent to me and should be to all that Russia influenced the 2016 Election through Social Media it is how they got Trump elected. Let’s change the rules and regulations and laws on Social media and protect our right to Vote.

As America moves forward, we are looking for a brighter future, a brighter light to follow that wants the best for us, our country, our military, our veterans and our people. we don’t need Presidents who knock our media and attack it daily calling it, evil or corrupt or dangerous. It isn’t the media that is dangerous they just report what they see, I don’t agree with the right wing of the media anymore than I agree fully with the left wing of the media, so stop calling the media evil and corrupt. We all have a right to Freedom of Speech and the Media is covered under the constitution.

Someone explain to me about Trump’s great new Tax Laws and plan. Why is it average americans making little money are being screwed out of at least 800 bucks a shot under his tax laws? I thought he was saving americans taxes, instead he gave the tax returns to the rich and hit the lower and middle class, making us pay more, why? He lied that’s for sure! And if anyone wants proof just read the complaints of those who have filed already on the internet and in the papers, it’s happening now.

With Bernie Sanders joining the race, the numbers are climbing on the democratic side of Candidates for sure. I think at the early stage this is fine and Biden may be the next to join in. Yet The Democrats having so many people doesn’t bother me, what we need is Republicans to run against Trump, to Primary him and to beat him period.

William Weld of Massachusetts is talking like he will primary Trump and run against him. If he does it will be a great thing to see, a moderate Republican taking on Trump who is so far right Fox’s Tv Analysts are directing him in all he does. Sad. William Weld at least is a moderate republican who has a brain and common decency and is not a criminal, he has experience and a brain that Trump doesn’t have. Even as an Independent, I might look at Weld and go maybe. so, jump in William Weld, compete with Trump who is quickly losing his base too now, he is down to 39 percent. No one has won the Presidency with that low number, Trump has now.

In the meantime I listen to the TV forums ad the candidates like most should these days. Before you go vote know what and who your voting for. Watch the news, watch debates and hometowns on CNN and other channels, and read the papers folks and listen to the news. Trump will tell you the media is evil and our enemies, the truth is they aren’t, he just fears them, cause he knows at any moment a news agency like CNN, CBS, MSNBC, or even Fox may be breaking a news story on him and his criminal and illegal acts as President. They are breaking stories everyday on his illegal acts, his illegal campaign for President, his involvement with Russia and his illegal businesses in Nork York and elsewhere, so he fears them and tries to shut them up, The First Amendment says he can’t folks and he won’t, the News Agencies will keep reporting, period. So, he better go straight or he is losing period.

The legal Debate now is really over Trump’s Border Wall Funding effort by taking money from The Department of Defense and other Government Agencies. First and foremost so all understand this better, the part of the Government that controls funding and appropriation of funds is the House of Representatives not the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch can request funding appropriations, and the House approves them, not, the Executive Branch stealing money. It doesn’t work that way even under the Emergency Act, that Trump says he is using.

Trump’s Emergency declaration is Illegal, his building of a Wall has been voted on by Congress in it’s own way and said no to, already. They gave him the 1.374 billion to repair the fencing at the border not to build a new wall. Secondly, The wall he wants is useless and ineffective period, they will do one of three things, tunnel under it, numerous tunnels are discovered daily by american agents, 2) go over it with ladders, been done many times and recorded too. 3) go around it in anyway they can using ships and submarines, just go ask El Chapo in prison and his people they will tell you.

So a Wall is a medieval device used in the olden days, for protection by countries. It doesn’t work anymore when people can tunnel, climb, or go around , does it? Nope! So why build one, so you can alienate your neighbors right, and anger them is all. The Mexican said no wall, and no funds to build one from them either, they told the truth. If we build a wall between us and Mexico, what’s next folks a wall between us and Canada, so we are Isolated from the world? No, we can live isolated from the world it doesn’t work for us or the world, wake up!

The courts will decide the border funding debate on Trump’s wall, and in the end as Trump said himself, “I didn’t really need to declare this emergency, I just wanted to get it done faster!” That excuse is not an Emergency folks, period, the declaration is a ploy by Trump to pacify his Right Wing backers and his Campaign Promise he made, not for any safety or security reason.

Next I have one more thing to add before I finish today with this blog of mine. The American Government needs to change the Election Laws now, right now, before the 2020 election fully begins. You must have two changes happen, 1)No outside influences allowed by other countries and that includes funding. 2) All candidates for President or other elected offices, must pass a mental health examination prior to running for election, to check for stability! I know many will decry this and say it’s a breach of the rights of the candidates, but it is needed for protection of America and the democracy and Republic we live in!

As to the Electoral College System in place for the election system, all Electoral College Members should be listed and watched closely for outside influences and monitored during the process. There should be no contact by other countries of any kind with the member of the college, and to ensure the vote is clear if the system is kept, then, this must be done. Outside influences like what happened with the Russians here can happen again unless this happens.

Now with The Russia Investigation closing in on it’s end at least according to Whitaker the one time Acting AG, we await the results. we also scream to the heavens we Want The Results Public for all to SEE! William Barr as the attorney General has discretion over this and if he redacts or refuses to release it all, we will have another legal fight on our hands for the Supreme Court to settle. We are being entangled in legal matters as a country left and right under Trump do to his actions. Isn’t it time we know the truth in The Russia Investigation, isn’t it time we find the truth in The New York Southern district too? Isn’t it time we wake up and realize, when Trump doesn’t like something, no matter what it is, he refers it to the courts and tries to get the supreme court involved, why because he has made it a conservative court, that will vote in the republicans favor, he believes. He made a conservative court so he can get opinions in his favor and do as he wants, and it may work! If Americans allow this to happen, we deserve the screwing we get for it!

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