We the American People have long memories folks!

I served in the U.S. Military in three different branches, I did U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard and the U.S. Navy. yes I did three branches and survived it all .lol!

I did the U.S. Army for the shortest period, and was assigned as a Tank Retriever Operator, a job I hated, and didn’t last long in, because i was discharged under a Trainee Discharge for a family matter.

The U.S. Army National Guard I served in for four years, as a Machine Gunner Scout. again it was a job I didn’t love, but the men I served with were the best around in Connecticut. Veterans from the vietnam War they were and i learned a lot from them.

The final place I served and for the longest was The U.S. Navy. I served on three ships; The First The U.S.S Dahlgren DDG-43, then the U.S.S. Monongahela AO-178, and I finished with the USS Pounce LPD 15 which I served on for a few months only due to a back injury from the Dahlgren in the first place.

On all three ships I served as a Boiler Technician at different levels. The work was hard, the hours long, and sweaty when underway.

On Shore Duty I served in BEQs, Hospitals, and as Master at Arms. each job was slightly different, but, i survived all of them.

Today the Boiler Technician rating does not exist anymore. Amazingly, it has been combined with other and it seems I have been told steam propulsion is no longer around either. No matter what, one thing Boiler Technicians had was pride in what they did. and we kept the ships going strong, failing at a very low rate, over time we existed.

I saw the world as a Sailor and would never change it one bit. We have port calls everywhere, I was in the atlantic, the north atlantic, the mediterranean and the caribbean ocean. I passed the Equator Twice as a shellback, went through the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. We learned, we served, we did it as crew onboard ships for six to 9 months at sea at clips.I am Proud of all I have done for my country.

That said, I will always be a Patriot and an American and loyal to my country. We now have a man in the Presidency who is not and never served a day, that the Military has to call Commander in Chief and President in Donald Trump.

Sadly, he dodged the draft not once but at least four times, crying about bone spurs in his feet. His rich daddy paid to keep him out each time too. sad but true and now he is President and ruining the country from within.

So many things can be said about Donald Trump’s crimes against america and his colluding with Russia, I don’t have the room to say them all here. eight Campaign members indicted and tried and convicted. All for contacts with Russia. His three children all should be Indicted and charged with felonies next.

The Russia Investigation by Mueller continues today, The southern district of New York is prosecuting and Investigating all of Trump’s businesses.

This President is not a President he is what Hillary Rodham Clinton said he was,a Puppet of Putin. sadly, no one is stopping him and he is destroying America from within!

The Republicans in the Senate and House, still back him and let him do as he pleases. Right now he is trying to steal money from The Department of Defense to pay for a wall he promised his supporters on the Mexican, United States Line. If he gets away with it, he will have breached the Constitution and the laws of america Period and done so boldly.

Is Mitch McConnell blind or what? This man is the Senate Majority Leader I add, and he is idly standing by as the President of the United States steals money that is appropriated for other areas of defense? This is wrong it breaches the constitution, the House of Representative controls the purse strings of America not the President!.

I have seen it all ladies and gentlemen, I have been aware of Presidents since 1960 when John F. Kennedy was elected President. None have torn apart the Democracy and Republic more than Donald John Trump.

So tell me Americans, when will we stand up and stop him, when will we make the Republicans stop him, when will we either impeach him, or force him to resign? How much longer can we allow a President to sell us out to other countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, get laughed at in The United Nations, make enemies of our Allies by tariffing them and lie left and right to all of us.

I guess, November 2020, wil tell for sure, because no one is up o Impeach this idiot, so we will have to Vote Him Out!

I am shocked that the Republicans in the Senate, don’t have the balls and guts to call him on the carpet and make him resign or Impeach his ass!. It is a sad day for all Americans, but mostly for the Republicans! For if no action is taken by the Republicans in the senate against Trump for his lies and crimes, they shall never see the white house again for about 30 years at least. We the American People have long memories folks!

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