Is our fate and destiny tied to Mother Earth?

Destiny awaits all of us in one way or another, not all destinies have to do with money, fame, or outlandish stuff very few can reach. Destiny represents, that place we all end up reaching in one way or another for destiny is not ours to set, it was set by the creator or God we all know is there and believe in in one way or another.

Destiny is really the reason we are put here on the planet earth andwe are born to be and accomplish. Each and everyone of us, were born to reach certain pre destined goals in our lives. We were put here for a purpose is the bottom line here, do we know what that purpose is, no we don’t. We will face that destiny at one time or another, and when we do we will achieve it and when we do, it is all downhill from there. Yes Life has it’s peak, and it then starts slowing down as ya enjoy the ride to the end of it.

Everyone is put here for a reason on earth, each human being, is put here for a purpose, we don’t really direct ourselves, we just were given a brain to do the functions we must and to decide what may hurt us or those around use and a control switch that most can control and others can’t.Yes, some are put here for destructive purposes, and other shere for greatness.

The fact is most of mankind is put here to complete a mission we are sent to do. We don’t know that mission and we are not aware of it, but it is implanted in us at birth and we end up accomplishing it without really knowing it.Some are just here to propagate and multiply other, are here to further mankind’s ways and health and wealth and such. We never really know what our purpose really is do we?

The biggest question now facing mankind has to do with destinies and fates folks. How long can mankind continue to exist? We are the only beings on this planet that can control our environment and help it heal after we have destroyed it too. I remind all I talk to about the coming death of the planet we live on. Are we destined to see earth die, and us with it, or is the destiny of mankind out there in space on another planet. Even if we reach a new planet and reseed or populate it, can we as mankind survive it, or is our fate and destiny tied to mother Earth?

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