Give to The American Cancer Society

Cancer, it hit millions of people world wide and it takes those we love from us too soon. It strikes every nationality, color, race and does not discriminate at all. It grows within us and then takes our energy, strength and will to live steadily until we can’t can’t hold on to live any longer.

I say this because i know I have seen it, lived it and survived it while other shave died from it who I liked and loved dearly. Sadly for me Cancer has been with me for many years in my family and life and it keeps popping back up.

It all started for me with my Grandfather, on moms side way back in 1971. He died, from prostate cancer at 71, he loves life and kids and we all loved him in my family there was five of us. Sadly, we had to return from Florida when he died , we were vacationing.

The next bout with cancer came years later when I had a girlfriend and i mean friend not one who I was serious with, come down with Ovarian cancer at 18 years old. she would survive getting fragile and more fragile as the years would go by and ultimately she held on to age 63. Chemos and Radiation, losing her kidneys before finally dying.

But Cancer didn’t stop in my life it kept coming. It returned in 1990 in my life when I came home from serving my country for 16 years and I was going thru a divorce too. My Step-father the man who took on my mom and two boys, had cancer of the prostate also. It would take him from us in October of 1990 at the young age of 58. he went from 6′ 2″ to almost nothing in 9 months. Cancer kills and destroys. We buried him, with Military Honors.

Then One year and one day later cancer hit took my mother lung cancer, she would die in my sisters home, in a back bedroom. We then buried mom and dug up dad and put them together forever in one grave. Cancer sucks folks!

But Cancer was not done yet in showing up in my life. It hit my second wife who I married in 2000, in 2006, breast cancer. More doctors, and hospital, chemos and radiation treatments and an operation to remove all her lymph nodes under her left arm. Then the cancer went into remission for us.

Then in 2013. I went to see my Primary Doctor at The Veteran’s Hospital in West Haven, Connecticut. It was a regular appointment a check up of my service back injuries. The Veteran’s Hospital was doing a survey and check of all of us who served for family history of cancer so she asked me about it and I told her. When I did she put me in the survey, and into a Pet Scan to check me out. Yes, she found a tumor in my right lung. At first it looked bad they thought it was stage three. After seeing lung cancer specialist they brought in from Yale Hospital, I was operated on and I lost a lobe and one third of my right lung. Upon checking it it was only stage one I got lucky, I survived it well.

But cancer chases people and it kept coming, it returned in January 2016 to my wife, Her Breast Cancer came out of remission and attacked again, It now spread in her from breast cancer to bone cancer, We live daily with it now. Three weeks out of a month on Thursdays we are at a Cancer center, she receives Taxial and Pepcid and Decadron to fight the tumors and cancer in her body. I spend my life taking care of her, feeding her and cooking, cleaning house, doing chores, shopping and more. I sit for four hours with er as she receives it. cancer is still her in 2018 in her and the battle continues each week and day. I am going nowhere no matter what. I have learned to live day by day, to the fullest, enjoy the time we have and take care of her. It is what I d, it’s how much I love her.

Listen folks, cancer needs to be destroyed, killed and eradicated. All should fight it for it will hit someone close to you or you one day, possibly. Give to The American Cancer Society and lets fight it now, for all we love, for the precise moments and times of life.!

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