Life has no Guarantees!

There are no guarantees in life folks, now whatsoever! The truth is even money can’t buy you happiness, or love! Peace isa dream, for somewhere in the world will always be a war, or uprising of some sort.

We can’t control what other think or do either, nor can we force someone or something to do what we want it to. The truth is, most of the time things are out of our hands.

I made mistakes in my life, in areas I could have controlled, but in the end would I change them today looking back as I reflect, no I wouldn’t. For each decision I made wrong, I altered the second time around and got it right. You see, we learn from our mistakes, everytime and those who don’t react and learn fail in life in all ways.

When your a kid, you follow your parents advice and they guide and protect you till you are old enough to make your own decisions. even when they backoff and say go ahead they are still watching even though you may not know it, they watch from afar to see if you’re heading in the right direction. Then there comes a time, when your a teenager still, they must cut the strings, and allow you to make mistakes, because they know some things you must experience yourself to learn.

I grew up knowing I was mostly on my own, and I had to fight to survive, it was a rough childhood by any standards, The only thing our parents really provided wasa roof over our heads, food and clothing. Guidance and Love was a commodity we did not have as children in the house i grew up in. And because of that we do not have close relationships with our siblings at all. We all went separate ways, because it was how we were taught and we knew no better. I am now 63 and I can honestly say, I really don’t know any of my siblings that well and our parents are all dead and have been for decades now.

Some of us still hold grudges against our parents for what they didn’t do for us and what they did for us in other ways. some of us got ignored, some of us got beat upon severely, others got spoiled. It was a house full of favorites and the forgottens.

To Prove my point, here is how it goes: my elder brother if actually 2 plus years older than I. he was protected by our mother, given permission to play sports and escape home. he even had his first car bought for him by our step-father. he became a sports hero in high school , got injured then got his girlfriend pregnant and had to get married.

He never finished college and he got a job and moved away, gone poof. He was always poofing and never around. he went on to get divorced years later for having affairs and his eldest son died of an overdose. Then he showed up on my doorstep one day, wanting to be brothers, I hadn’t seen him in over 40 years. As you can guess it didn’t work out, but he did find out, we didn’t have the same father.

My story is different, I was a hard birth for mom, and I ruined her for natural births. I was a 10lbs. 9 ounce boy. I tore her apart coming out. I looked just like my real father so she called me by my middle name and hated me from day one.

I was a rebel from day one and fought with both parents and my elder brother as a youngster. I survived being put away for two years and took care of my siblings from 12 to 18 years old, I had no choice, my parents both worked and my elder brother was no where to be found. I served in three branches of service, Army, Army national Guard and the US Navy. I had two wives now, and with the first two daughters and two of everything. After The divorce my wife turned vindictive and had me arrested for a crime I did not commit, I spent four month in a jail until I was released by a Judge due to her lying. I recovered and went to college and graduated at 40 years old with a degree in Hotel Management.

We went on to buying a home together and we married. Now I care for her, she is a cancer patient with stage 4 cancer that has moved to her bones. One day at a time, one chemo session at a time we go.

The one who came after me, the third child was my step father’s first. he grew to hate his father and fought him stole from him and beat his your siblings when he could. He was thrown out at 16 and never returned except to steal more from his father. he ended up in The Air force andthen as a con man in Texas and California. He died from aids at 30 years old, and never talked to any of us again. His father was dying the same year he did and searched and found him in California, the kid wouldn’t reply. He died under changed name, buried on a potters hill. It’s not fake folks it’s true.

In our family, we had one girl who was born as the fourth child, she was pampered and cared for in all ways. daddy’s girl and mommy’s enemy actually. We boys protected her and so did dad. She has been married twice, three kids and divorced each time. She live sin a home by herself with her boyfriend and her kids are estranged from her as are her exs’. she does ok now, she has the house, she writes, she lives a happy go lucky life.

The baby boy of the family, grew up fine, till acar hit him and took away part of his memory. He overcame, he is an artist and he has been married twice now too. he works for a Pest control company and has his own home, haven’t seen him in I don’t know how long now.

So there are no guarantees in life as I said, we all grew up to be different in many ways and we never really get together at all. My elder brother got sick and has heart troubles he had heart surgery in his sixties, and moved west to Arizona to survive. He came to my home wanting to not die alone and to stop the estrangement between us, it didn’t work. Life has no guarantees folks take it from me.

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