Trump can not get four more years!

2019 is now in it’s fourth month and we have more candidates in the Democratic race then ever before, and now the question becomes who will win the Nomination and face off with Donald Trump in November 2020.

I have my opinion on this, but before I can make a decision, I have to look at what issues are most important to me and Americans everywhere I would hope.

#1) Climate Change- It needs to be addressed immediately. The planet is in bad shape and we are killing it everyday, with gases and the use of fossil fuels. it must be addressed now, for our children and future generations.

#2) Gun Control- The number of murders by military type weapons and shootings in America is unbelievable. The NRA needs to be brought under control and told that restrictions will be placed on the gun show sales and on military type weapons on America’s streets. All Military Type weapons must be banned and bump stocks too.

3) Health Care- We need to lower prescription costs and health care period. We need a replacement for ObamaCare or the Affordable care act. Too many americans are without insurance of any kind. We need to reach out to Canada and other nations with health care for all, look at how they do it and then bring it home to all Americans. If Canada can do it and other nations we should do it better.

4) We need a candidate for President who has guts, brains and balls to stand up to Trump on Immigration, Health Care, Climate Change and many other issues, like the Justice System and The Supreme Court and Gun Control. We can’t just let Trump control the courts. We are losing too many to military weapons on our streets and in our schools, The NRA needs controlled and the laws changed.

5) Immigration Policies and Laws- The laws and regulations on Immigration must be reexamined and corrected. We must control our borders but in a fair and rightful way. Stiffen the requirements for requesting citizenship and asylum yes, but to cage people and children no way. lets fix it now. Trump is gonna get his wall or fence it seems, we have no choice, but it isn’t really needed here and won’t it make Mexico angry and a possible enemy in the future?

6) Foreign Policy- We are no longer a leader in this area. Trump has made us look like fools against Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. The United Nations has for the first time laughed at an American President, that should tell you how far America has slipped. We need to rebuild it all now.

7) Domestic Policy- we need a President who can really build jobs and industries, and keep the environment clean doing so. The American Automobile Industry needs to go full electric and cut the pollution period.Solar and Nuclear power must be used and expanded.

8) We need a President who will back alternate power sources now, not later. We can create electricity with windmills watermills and other methods too. We can go Nuclear and build more safe plants to take care of the power usage in America and probably sell the excess power to other nations also.

Now, let me say this, I have seen the Democratic Candidate list grow big time so far for the Democratic Nomination. We have never seen so many candidates in one primary fight and it should not be so. having this many and the list still growing is not good for the party or the country, it will confuse and distract from the issues we need to solve to survive as a country. It will have to be weeded out as fast as possible, because if not, Trump will have a clear track to run straight to a second term.

Let me say this today in this way, a message to Vice President Joe Biden. Do yourself a favor, don’t run, Joe, don’t do it. As you and many others have said you are now a dinosaur, the old hands on politics can’t work anymore. You were terrific as a Vice President and I do admire you Joe Biden, but, I don’t believe you can win and losing out a third time will not look good on your life history Sir!. We appreciate your passion and your knowledge and even your feelings, but age is a factor here too. The new Generation is here and they want a younger president to represent them.

Elizabeth Warren has some good issues and things to say and I agree with her view of eliminating the electoral college and that the popular vote should determine the Presidency. Yet I don’t see her strong enough to stand up to Trump and win.

Cory Booker is stuck on racial issues and that won’t win the election for him. While racial issues are still a problem in America, it is not a central issue to the election or era we are in. Sadly, I don’t think Cory Booker can win.

I have seen three candidates who I think have a possibility and they may surprise all out there and I am sure many will disagree. But, before I say so, I want to say this here and now it won’t be Bernie Sanders. I say this for many reasons, one he is far too progressive and his age, both are factors against him. So I would not Vote Bernie!

Now three people do come to mind as I have seen it so far.:

3) Mayor Pete Buttigirg- he is a crisp clear speaker, he doesn’t avoid questions and he makes sense in what he says. Yet he has some issues against him. His youth and age, and then you add in his sexual preference, which doesn’t bother me, but will definitely bother many Americans in today’s world. yes we are more accepting towards the LGBTQ community and yes it should not be held against him, but I am sure it will be.

2) Amy Klobuchar- Is a Strong mid western woman with some great views and who speaks clearly and opposes Trump strongly and vocally. She is good on many issues, and intelligent. I like her on many issues and ideas,my only question is will America accept her?

1)Kamala Harris- I see her as a great choice for President. Her stand on the issues are strong and well spoken. I like how she carries herself and I think for myself she makes the most damn sense. I know many will say because she is a woman she can’t be President, I disagree. I think as I did in 2016, that a woman President would be great for America, if they can run a family, a home, a business and more they can multitask better than men and they can clean up Washington too, and lead America.

The candidate list is growing and i am sure others will come and run. The latest announced last night, Eric Swalwell. I am sure we will hear his thoughts, ideas and more in the near future. Time will tell for sure!.

As the race goes on, the number must decrease and it must be whittled down to the one with the ass and brains and balls to face Trump, as I stated already. The democrats must make a choice, that will beat Trump, for four more years of Trump Policy will destroy America, it has already pulled us from world leadership and destroyed us in the world’s eyes. For The first time in America’s history a President addressed the United Nations and was laughed at! Sad!

We also, need to take action to prevent election interference now, not later. There is no doubt in my mind now. that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, we can not allow it again. Congress needs to act now on it! If Russia can do it once they will again and again and others will too.

I am not firmly decided as of yet, but I am decided on one thing, Trump can not get four more years!

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