If there is nothing to fear in it, lets see it unredacted now!

Julian Assange has been officially arrested by British Authorities, after he was evicted from Ecuador’s Embassy. Assange is the Founder of WikiLeaks which has leaked numerous stories of differing importance in the last decade or so.

Many questions will probably be answered now, as to where he got most of his information and why he leaked it or reported it. I am sure he will refuse to reveal his sources for many items/ reports he has made, but, he will indeed get questioned now.

I remind all that Donald Trump kept quoting and promoting WikiLeaks during the 2016 campaign for president. He used information from WikiLeaks against Hillary Clinton and his opponents during that same run for the White House. We may get some answers soon, on that front.

In the meantime the battle over Donald Trump’s taxes has just begun, as the President refuses to hand over his last six years of tax returns to Congressional Committees. We now have a legal fight to ensue in the courts and as many congressional scholars and lawyers will tell you, it will more than likely go to the Supreme Court. Does Donald Trump have a right to withhold his tax returns from Congress and the American People, we will know soon enough. I say, No he doesn’t!

As we move forward in time, one must wonder how far and wide, the american people will allow Donald Trump to go? How much can Americans allow him to get away with? He lies on average 24 times a day, to the american people and no one reacts anymore!

Let’s talk Attorney General Barr now. He is appointed by Trump and he is now defending and protecting Trump, amazing huh? In my opinion William Barr needs investigated himself, I am sure at some point we will find out exactly how Trump bought him off. Sadly, it has to be so.

It’s actually pretty sad, when you stop and think about the damages Trump has done to the country we live in and our republic. Yet I do agree, with Representative Nancy Pelosi, Trump should not be Impeached, it would be a waste of resources to even try and time constraints are already in place, here. He is already past the halfway point of his current term, and it would take too long to impeach him now.It would be a waste of money and time and effort at this point.

Sadly, I have heard too many people, when I tell them how bad Trump is, argue with me he is great for America. Then as I did yesterday when someone said that, I asked them name one thing Trump has accomplished that is good for America? The answer always comes down to the economy. they say he created this booming economy, I disagreed. The economy Trump is taking credit for is not his, it belongs to Barack Obama. Once i said that, this person then refused to talk to me, saying, we had nothing to discuss now. I looked at him and said other then the economy you want to steal from Obama, what has Trump accomplished on his own? No answer was forthcoming from the individual! Because there is no accomplishments for Trump in his over two years as President!

The jobs he promised did not come back and they won’t either. He is killing jobs with his tariff’s and that’s a fact.Tariff steel and our car companies will go down, ask GM! We are seeing brick and mortar stores go bye bye daily, malls are closing down left and right also. Manufacturing is decreasing in America also. So where are the jobs Trump promised please tell me?

Now we face Trump’s manmade emergency on our Southern Border. there is no emergency folks, we are not responsible for these people coming to our border to ask for help. We are controlling our borders just fine, like we always have. We don’t need a wall/ fence. The wall/ fence that came up and Trump insists on building is all about one thing, Trump having his name on it so he can say he created a fence/ wall and put his name on it, as his legacy, as Ann Coulter told him to. As she said, Mr. President, if you don’t build the wall you will have no legacy!. That’s why he is so adamant about the wall/ fence now, he knows, he will have no legacy without it!’

We are witnessing a Presidency that will live in American History as the worst ever in all 45 Presidents and 243 years of America. It’s a sad fact now.

In the end, here is my opinion and I know how people will go shut up, your wrong, you don’t know what your talking about, but I do!

Even if the Mueller Investigation does not show collusion, it will show Obstruction of Justice I am sure. Let it out William Barr, if you think there is nothing in it, publish it unredacted!. Let us the American People see it for ourselves! If there is nothing to fear in it, lets see it unredacted now!

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