Sports, and Salaries!

Ok let’s discuss the high sports salaries being paid to sports heros out there. Why?

I remind all, that sports are not a life and death item or thing to do, so why are they paying these players crazy amounts to play?

No player is worth 100 million over a five year contract to play sports. I don’t care if it’s Major League Baseball. Basketball, Hockey or any other sport like Pro Football. These figures are crazy and unbelievable period.

I don’t care what their batting average is, or whether they can throw a million strikeouts, I don’t care how many yards a game they run, or how many passes they throw for touchdowns. or how many goals they score. I don’t care if they win ten championships, once you pay them the big money they all go down hill anyway as they age.

Golfers are not worth paying millions a shot for 18 holes of play either it’s crazy yet that is what they get. So why do the owners pay these players so much money?

I have noticed how once they get the millions they ask for, they lose their abilities and their skills and become mediocre again. So, why the high salaries folks to play a sport? I don’t think it is right, and I don’t care if they be James Brown, Mickey Mantle, Roger Clemons, or any of the modern day sports heroes today. Ya give anyone that amount of money they tend to screw up anyway and end up in drugs, booze or worse. It’s just a fact!

Stop paying them so much Owners, if you have a brain in your head you must understand your destroying your team by paying one or two players crazy money and other practically nothing. I wonder what led to where we are today in this area of sports?

Look, I understand the want to win, or bring a Championship home to the fans that support you, but realistically, it’s wrong.

This year we have Lebron james sitting home and Dewayne Wade too. Big money for sure in both cases. yet it points out, you can pay them all the money in the world, without the rest of the team working with them, no championships or even playoffs. It makes my point for me really, one person can’t win a title by themselves. Even the Red sox are proving it these days in baseball and they are now one of the most winning teams in Sports History and the Yankees too. Sadly, what many don’t get is this, unless the whole team works together as one unit forget it no championships will come.

That said, I say this to all Owners of Pro Sports teams. keep the salaries in line and don’t expect one player to carry you to a championships, it won’t happen.

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