Second Life, Truths,Fun and Dangers!

I don’t know the actual numbers of disabled individuals in the world, but I do know that Second Life which is a Virtual World on the Internet put out by Linden Labs, is a place for them to have fun and enjoy the life they can’t in reality. Your pixel Avatar, never gets injured or harmed and if you don’t like what is happening you can just log off of it.

There are some problems with this make believe. world built on pixels. While all computer programs have problems of one kind or another the same is true of Second Life from a technical standpoint, yet in the end Linden Labs makes it a pretty stable platform for most.

I find that I see too many people trying to build relationships out of Second Life. Folks Second Life is a virtual world not a real world and it does not come first, real life does. Don’t wreck your real life for Second Life ok?

Second life is fun and you can build and enjoy many different sims in it. they range from virtual tours of the world, to events and to even pixel sex lol. Don’t get addicted to it folks, it’s a game and a virtual world period, and it is good to remember it.

People open club for music and dancing in Second Life and people dance for money and DJ for money, the money is lindens not real folks. Yet if you do gather enough lindens you can cash em in for real money. You can sell things you can make in Second Life for Lindens, like Gestures, Items you build can be sold too. It’s apixel world for al lto use their imagination in is all.

I have seen many get hurt emotionally in Second Life, for they get too involved with others on a romantic level and then get dumped or thrown aside because it is Second Life. be careful with Second Life and your feelings folks, some have even committed suicide because the person behind the pixel avatar becomes too real to them, don’t go that far, ok.

I like the idea you can build a place, buy a sim, or membership and make your own imaginary world and invite others in. It’s nice to make friends and not worry what they look like in real life! It’s a way that leaves you wondering, but also gives you friends to chat with, laugh with and enjoy.

When you have spare time or just for fun to get away from the stress and pressure of real life, Second Life is an escape valve for many. Just remember is all I can say, that it is a virtual reality not a real one.

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