Saint Ann’s Church !

Waterbury, Connecticut, May 2019- An Iconic landmark of a church in Saint Ann’s, is about to remove and dismantle it’s famous and well known spires. The Church I was baptised in is now old enough to be crumbling apart.

Saint ann’s has served Waterbury, Connecticut for many generations now, it was built in the French District of Waterbury, where my grandparents raised their children. St. Ann’s is not only historic and iconic, it always stands for decency in the Catholic Church and it’s school was attached to it also, where my mother went to school.

As times change, so do beliefs and religion in it’s time. The catholic church has indeed changed over the years and I have not attended a church since i was 12 years old. I have seen the catholic religion go from the old days of sit, kneel, stand and it’s Mass being said in Roman to English, to the modern day church of english speaking masses.

The architecture of the older churches with their gothic looks like Saint Ann’s were always the most interesting to look at and study, The design of them, were unique and bold and in the end they became landmarks in the cities they were built.

In Waterbury’s case, St. Ann’s always stood out and will in memories forever, it’s classic spires, which must now come down, graced Waterbury’s skies it seems like forever and for me it has been that for my 63 years of life.

As it now gets ready to tear down it’s spires and make changes or repairs, I just hope they rebuild it in such a way as for it to stay as the landmark it always was and is today.

Waterbury, has also the large cross on the hill that lights up nightly to be seen for miles away, in Holy Land I call it. It can be seen from the highways of Connecticut up and down I-84, and people go up and visit on a regular basis, it is a tourist attraction for many. Like the catholic church and religion both Holy Land, it’s cross and St. Ann’s have had their ups and downs and fair bits of trouble. In the end St. Ann’s does more good sitting there for all to see as does Holy Land and it’s cross. It’s what it all has meant for the city of Waterbury and it’s people of all colors, races and nationalities that matters, especially in the day and age of President Trump.

St. Ann’s and many other churches in the Naugatuck Valley, have had problems in many areas, and that is why I left the church at 12 years old. Too many discrepancies and controversies and crimes involved with religion. But whether I wish to believe in the catholic religion or any other religion make no difference, what does make a difference is the structure and it’s meaning to the people in Waterbury. CT, I hope it can be rebuilt exactly as it was with better long lasting materials for all to admire forever. Saint Ann’s Church in Waterbury, Ct, is a landmark in Waterbury, in Connecticut and in the Nation as far as I am concerned.

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