I am a man who tries!

Life is a mystery, it’s an adventure don’t you see, it’s a growing, livable, incarnation of a soul joined to a body and, making its way to it completion over a period of time, yes we age and yes ultimately died.

I don’t know why life was created, nor why humanity was created as the superior species on the planet, but I do know we live, we grow, we learn, we adapt and we learn from our mistakes and move on.

I have lived since 1956, seen many generations of Presidents go by now from Eisenhower, to Trump today, here in America. I have lived i projects and rental apartments, in homes and aboard ships at sea. I have worked so many jobs and in so many different occupations it is like it all runs together for me.

I have watched people be born, I have watched them do wrong, do right or be indifferent. I have gone to schools, failed, scholl, went back and completed school and even graduated college, the only one in my family to do so by the way.

I have served my country in three branches of service, The U.S. Army, Army national Guard and The U.S. Navy. I am proud of my service to my country, and I carry my disabilities as a badge of courage and pride.

I have been married twice and had two of everything in my life, two wives, two children two cars , and more. I have seen so much over time I wonder what I may witness next before I die someday.

I have been loved, hated, admired and shamed. I have climbed the mountain to fame and honor Societies and fallen to a jail cell at one time. I have written books, been interviewed on Television even, and still I persist and carry on with life the best I can.

I taught children to draw using numbers and letters, I read to children, helped elderly people, and loved many in my time.

I made mistakes and I made correct decisions too, I ran through life as fast as I could and never slowed down to enjoy the show. Am I crazy, maybe, am I a fool nope far from it, I used my mind, my education, my logic to get where i am today retired and done taking orders from others. I hope others can live a life as useful as I have too. For I did what I could for all I love and all I knew and could do.

I wasn’t always perfect no one is and no one will ever be and that you don’t need to hear from me, if you have any brain at all.

Did I jog when I should have jogged, did I walk away when I should have stayed, did I surrender when I should have fought, sure I did, all to survive.

The mistakes I made are numerous and I am the first to admit them too. Yet in the end I made it to 63 years old, and I may make it further too. Why, because in order to survive you must adapt, you must compromise, you must forgive, you must forget and you must carry on. You must be logical, loyal, and smart enough to know when to say yes or no, and in the end you must be smart enough when to sit and stay or get up and leave. It’s all a matter of choices isn’t it folks?

In the end when you get to the point in your life, where you are dedicated to one person and have been for many years and you see their life running down an dyour own, you again do what is right through health, good and bad, and times good and bad you stay and do what is right. You do it because it is right, because you know to run away is wrong, to abandon is wrong so you do what is right period. That’s what life is all about folks, doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong, doing what is morally and ethically right and seeing through all you started till the end.

Lessons came in strange ways, and they are hard to learn in life. yet you learn them as you go in life. So when you do learn them you don’t repeat them again and you try to avoid hurting anyone as you go.

My life is full of ups and downs, dos and don’ts, rights and wrongs, and so much more. It’s full of pains and pleasures, joys and tears!. It’s all packed into my 63 years.

I know when I die no one will cry for me, I am no fool, but I will die a Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran, I will die a father to two, grandfather to six, and husband of two wives. I will die knowing I did all I could for them and for myself and for my country. Is there anything more important in a life?

God give me the serenity to know right from wrong, and to know morals and ethics too. Grant me the knowledge of knowing love, giving love, receiving love and grant me the serenity to die in peace when I die. I may not have been perfect, I may never be, but one thing all will say of me, I helped when I could, I loved through bad and good and I enjoyed life the best I could. I was never an abuser of women, children or drink or drugs. I was never criminal or a villain or superhero, but I am a man who tries!

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