Social Media APPS/ Twitter Problem

My understanding of Social Media Apps, like Facebook, Twitter,SnapChat, Instagram, and Tumblr is they are put there so people may express themselves and their views as they want and need to.

Yet Twitter, has suspended 1.9 million users, and no explanation is given to those suspended as to why or what for? I awoke one day to try to log into my account on Twitter and got a message that says my account is suspended and I can’t use twitter. No time limit on said suspension, no reason why I was suspended and it’s now been three weeks and some odd days.

I have recently been told others who have been suspended we’re suspended for bad mouthing President Trump, and his politics. If that is so by Twitter, then they can face a legal suit, I am sure for, breaching the free speech laws and more.

Twitter has a problem in doing what they did, suspending 1.9 million people, no explanation for the suspensions and no way to contact Twitter to appeal or ask why, or to get an explanation from them is wrong! All Twitter gives is an Automated Reply if you appeal your case:


We noticed that you currently have an open report about this issue in progress. 

We need to complete your open case before you can submit a new one. If we are waiting for any outstanding information from you, please be sure to follow up with us in the open report as soon as possible.

Please do not respond to this email as replies are not monitored.



You also have no access to the so called open report page as stated in the reply. So you have no way to defend your suspension, or find out why it was imposed upon your account, or how long it last, or if it will be permanent or not.

If I had money I would hire a lawyer and send a mass email to those suspended by Twitter and file a class action suit against Twitter for taking away our rights to free speech and not have a way to take action, recourse or really appeal it. They give no information as to what one is suspended for, they don’t answer anyone, when you do appeal through their Help sight, on their web page, except for an automated reply saying your appeal is under review by them. When you ask for why they say nothing.

I didn’t know Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,Tumblr or any other social media app has any political affiliations or connections. It seems Twitter is connected to or affiliated with Trump and his campaign, so those who disagree or bad mouth Trump get suspended or banned, from their service. That is sad if it is so.

My knowledge of social media apps is limited of course for I only use them for things like , posting ebook ads for books I wrote, to fight cancer, for both my wife and I are victims of it, and to debate, argue and fight political corruption by Trump and his administration and Trump personally.

At times I may post links from my blog, about the same subjects on Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, SnapChat or other social media apps. They are called freedom of speech and personal opinion pieces. Not attacks of anyone or anything, but my opinions and ideas on what is happening, who is causing it and why and what I believe should be done about it. People do it everyday and stay on Twitter, just look at President Trump’s Twitter page each day and you will see.

To Twitter I say this, you are suspending people for unjust and illegal reasons, with no written explanation or way to correct the issue if there is one. You are giving those suspended like myself no recourse to defend ourselves, or to adapt the way we post or tweet, our opinions. That is wrong Twitter, I know you hit the stock exchange recently and think your as big as facebook and the rest and are protected, but you can be taken to court and fined for breach of free speech, defamation of character and much more for suspending so many people without a clear reason or rules breach, or a way they can really appeal and get answers on what they did wrong. Ask Facebook if you must, they are paying huge fines themselves at this time for mining information and taking and giving away personal information of their users. Millions in fines are happening right now.

Twitter should be aware of all that is happening on their APP, all the appeals, all the reasons for any suspensions or bans or anything else they do to their users, should be clearly stated as to why they are doing so to the users and there should be a place to correctly appeal and fight any suspension or ban.

Yet Twitter replies with Automated replies and no recourse for their users. why?

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