HealthCare Needed!

America’s biggest problem is not being discussed much these days. It is combination of a bunch of things, but is mainly about healthcare and to be precise mental health care and the need for it.

I have seen now President Trump kill Obamacare and not replace it at all, it is sad really. Why would anyone kill a healthcare plan that could have covered all, if allowed to expand, and then not replace it with anything leaving millions of Americans with no coverage at all? Makes no sense to me that’s for sure!

Canada has healthcare coverage for all, other nations have healthcare coverage for all and it covers prescriptions too. I know it has wait times and problems, but, if America wants HealthCare for all we should send people to Canada or other countries, find out how they did it and incorporate it into the American System and Country. We can change it as we go if it doesn’t work precisely the way we want it to for either side of the healthcare package, like prescription drugs or wait times too.

To have nothing at all for HealthCare coverage for the American people is wrong and all Americans want some form of coverage. The best way to do so is cover all like Canada is doing and make it work here. The healthcare we need must cover prescriptions and all health problems, plus mental health too. Mental health is vital to any healthcare coverage, and prescription prices are crazy now and need to be lowered. America can do this for future generations, and get it done, I have no doubt on it.

Mental Health care has to be a primary coverage of any Health Care Coverage in America, mental health problems are on a big rise and causing violence all around the country. Gun crimes rise, and people point fingers at the gun laws and I agree that is major part of the problem too, but mental health exams are vital.

Medicare will not cover all even if expanded to all. The point is medicare only covers so much, so we need a HealthCare plan that covers all and is inclusive for all things in America. Other wise more killings, gun violence and murders will continue to happen and rise.

We need to send people to Canada and Switzerland and Sweden and other nations with HealthCare for all, learn how they did it and adapt it for all americans. HealthCare should be a right for all!

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