Putin won folks not America!

The voices for Impeachment of President Trump grow each day and the pressure is mounting in Washington, Dc for such actions. Yet as most Americans know, and the politicians know mostly, any Impeachment would have to get through both Houses of Congress to happen. The House of Representatives would indeed vote to Impeach Donald Trump I am sure, it is the Republican Senate that won’t.

Sadly The Republican Senate led by Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, is protecting Trump and defending him at every turn. McConnell has stated publicly he and his Senators will block any attempt to Impeach Trump, on any grounds possible at this point. Why is the question?

Here is my suggestion to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic led House of Representatives. I think if it is done properly, an Impeachment of Trump will not happen, but a censure can and so can a derailing of any 2020 run for a second term.

The Democrats should first and foremost,hold in Contempt William Barr, Steve Mnuchin, and Wilbur Ross. All three for refusing to give up documents requested by the House and breaking the laws of the land.

Second, the Democrats must start Impeachment Proceedings and hold public hearings on television and show beyond a reasonable doubt Trump is guilty of Obstruction of Justice in more counts than one.

Thirdly, Once Trump’s campaign for a second term begins, all funding for his campaign must be thoroughly vetted and checked as to where the money is coming from. All eyes must be placed on where his campaign funding comes from and who is giving to him. No foreign donations must be allowed from Russia, China, or any other communist or dictatorship led country or persons. Russia paid with rubles for his internet media and television and radio media blasts last time against Hillary Clinton, It can not be allowed to happen again this time.

Fourth, and this I state only because I am firmly against a Trump second term. At no time should any interference be allowed in our election process, The House must pass bills and laws immediately to protect the election process in all ways from data mining, election tampering and control media ads on and off the internet in such a way for it to be illegal for foreign powers to pay for said ads again.

Donald J. Trump is not a legitimate President in my book period. I am glad I served my military time under Presidents well before Trump even hit the picture politically. If i were a military person today under Trump, I would be wondering why I have a Draft Dodging Liar for my Commander in Chief!

He Dodged the draft and serving his country not once, not twice but 4 times by his father paying off a Doctor to say he had bone spurs in his feet, it’s all a lie and we all know it now.

He lied about being a self made billionaire also, His father gave him 16 million dollars at four years old, he doesn’t know what broke is.

So here we have it, the First American President ever to be bought and paid for by a foreign enemy nation, Donald J. Trump! That is sad in my book folks!

He is tearing america apart, with his racist rants and his non listening or knowing acts. He is racist, he is a narcissist, he divides, not unites and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

He lied to the farmers and hit other countries with tariffs and they are paying for it now. He Lied to the car industry and manufacturing period, no jobs came back or will. Sadly, these farmers and car workers fell for his con and are now paying for it.

He destroyed Obama care, only because it’s name was ObamaCare and attached to Obama no other reason, knocking millions out of coverage and never replaced it or tried to in any way. Trump care is a laughing stock no one wants it.

Trump is no great businessman folks, he filed bankruptcy four times. He failed at Casinos, he failed at Trump Water, Trump steaks and so much more and he is failing America now as it’s President too. Trump is laughed at by North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and so many more countries now they know he won’t do a thing, only tariffs.

Those same tariffs he has used to destroy and damage our relationships with Mexico, and Canada who are are neighbors on our same land mass. Then he tariffed other lalies of ours and hurt those relationships too. This is not an American President who is a unifier or a leader, he is a man who is a walking disaster who is destroying America from within, and doing Putin’s bidding to do so.

I don’t know if Russia and Putin are blackmailing him or not, but it sure seems like they are and to me that in and of itself is a lose for our country, period. Hillary Clinton called it as she saw it in the 2016 Election for President, Donald J. Trump is indeed a Putin Puppet period! Putin won folks not America and we are now paying the price for the mistake of falling for the con man in the White House!

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