Is Trump what the Founding Fathers would want for America? No!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 3rd, 2019 has arrived, in another week of so the Second Campaign of Donald J. Trump will begin again. It was bad enough for the first time around first, he lied more than enough to factory workers and farmers and America in general, in 2016 and still got elected President, will America fall for the same crap again a second time around?

Trump has been lying to America all his life folks, and stiffing companies who did work for him also. he cons people and gets away with it and he sells his name to make his fortune. The real question is how many people has he conned, and lied to so far?

The House of Representatives must know by now and have proof enough of Trump’s illegal acts. Start with the fact he worked the Russians to steal the 2016 Presidential Election, using Russia Rubles for social media ads and phone and television ads too. Then add in the fact he had the guts and balls enough to stand on public television and ask Russia to find Clinton’s 30,000 emails, and they did it, less than five hours later scanning, searching through internet sources trying to please him. Sad.

He lied on the plane about the payoffs to the Porn Star and McDougal, he lied about the letter he directed his son to write on Air Force One. He threw Michael Flynn to the wolfs and many others too. I remind all, of all the Russian Agents Indicted by Mueller as Special Prosecutor and those who are now in prison or who are awaiting sentencing Each one, has lost their lives and careers for backing and doing Donald Trump’s bidding so he could be President and since he became President. How many more must fall, for Trump to keep the Presidency this time around? William Barr has already thrown away his reputation as Attorney general for this man.!

He colluded with Russia to get the Presidency then he fought and fought to cover it up too. Why else would he commit at least 10 cases of Obstruction of Justice? Why does he cry so loudly, when more proof comes out, unless he was not innocent, he wouldn’t. Stop and think about it folks, would you yell and scream and point fingers at people who accuse you of things and deny them so loudly if you were innocent and knew it, no you wouldn’t! You would walk away and ignore it all, Trump is guilty folks in all ways.

The sad part is what I am about to tell you here, when he was running for President back in 2015 to 2016, he said it publically on Television and in the news, “I can shoot someone on 5th Avenue in NYC and they would still vote for me”! Remember that one folks, well turns out he was right, because they did just that, they voted for him anyway, knowing what he did. was wrong. Sad indeed.

Now America’s Farmers are losing crops and money, factory workers are out of jobs, ask Ford, Ask Chevrolet, the higher priced jobs he promised to bring back never came folks, what ya got was 12.00 dollar an hour jobs, and nothing more.

He says he is building a wall between America and Mexico all he is doing is repairing the fence folks and because Laura Colter of Fox News told him, “Mr. President if you don’t build your wall you will have no legacy!” So, he is paying to repair the fence, calling it a wall and has already had a plaque hung that says built by President Donald J, Trump on it!. Sad.

Trump has failed in North Korea, Russia, Iraq and Iran and add in Afghanistan too folks. He has now angered Mexico, Canada, and many European countries too with his tariffs and he is dismantling America’s farming industry by doing so too. Is this right folks is this what you want us to be, isolated from the world, an island by ourselves with nowhere to go if help is needed? Thats where Trump has taken us all!

This man Donald J. Trump lied to all Americans countless times. he worked with Russians to get the Presidency, He is tearing America down from within and he is getting away with it because people don’t read the news, they don’t listen to radio and tv and they sit ignorant at home, not paying attention. You suffer because you let Trump get away with all of it and pay no attention.

We can’t have a second Trump Term, we can’t allow it I say! Do we really want to let Trump destroy all that America has built and stood for, for the last 243 years? Is Trump what the Founding Fathers would want for America? No!!!!!!!!!!!!

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