The Silent Searcher

By William McCurrach

                          She sits in silence and so shy,

                          Awaiting that one that will hold her close,

                          Aching to serve one Dom who cares,

                          Who wants her most,

                           And who, she will see eye to eye with.

                           Her silence speaks volumes of unspoken thoughts,

                           It tells of her self pride and self esteem,

                           Of what she looks for,

                           And of what she does dream.

                           Her aloneness speaks of her taste and style,

                           Of her patience and intelligence,

                           Her strength that comes from the inner her,

                           And make no mistake, it makes her very special,

                            Of that I am sure!.

                            She chooses slowly who she is with,

                            Who she may want to be with and serve,

                            How she thinks and searches for just the right one,

                            So she can be happy, content, and secure.

                            Seeking and finding is not easy, nor is it a game,

                            It is not just grab and go,

                            For more then kinks and desires and wants and needs must be met,

                            She needs the love, respect, and caring,

                            For which she knows she deserves,

                            And that has not been found yet.

                            A beautiful soul she has, filled with love and respect and loyality,

                            One so intelligent with a sense of humor and self is what she is,

                             Who seeks to be appreciated and cared for and wanted,

                             Because she is missing it in real life,

                             For she is someone’s girlfriend, mother and wife,

                             And is missing, an important part of her life.

                             All she seeks is one to fulfill those needs,

                             To care for her, to love her, to respect her,

                             To give her what she does not have at home,

                             For we all know how it is to be different,

                             And to feel so alone!.

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