With The 2020 Presidential race coming at us in waves of Democrats vs Donald Trump, it is amazing how nasty it can get in politics. Name calling, and attacks come left and right from Trump and the attacks from the democrats seem to me less intense, but more sure footed against Trump and his Administration.

For me the deal is simple here come Election day 2020, Vote anyone but Trump. I have my reasons,Trump is attacking the poor, the needy, he is attacking Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and HealthCare of any sort that will help the poor and middle class or lower.

He killed Obama Care not because it wasn’t working, not because it couldn’t work or wouldn’t, he killed it for one reason only it was OBama’s! It was a vindictive attack against OBama, and the American People have now paid for that childish act from Trump. Trump killed everything he could that Obama tried to build or make work. Obama had dignity, style, stature and carried himself very well. Trump can’t do that and never will, he is incapable of it.

We will never get Obama back folks, it won’t happen for he gave two terms to us all, and that is the limit under our Constitution.

Donald John Trump is a loser, he filed bankruptcy 4 times, he started and shut down so many businesses it’s ridiculous for sure. He fails at everything he touches, then bullshits and cons the American People into buying what he is selling and covering up what he has done. He is a petulant, childish, vindictive individual, in all ways.

We have all heard and seen now The Mueller Report and even heard from Robert Mueller about it publically once. The evidence of Trump’s crimes, his involvement in them all and his knowledge of what Russia did in the 2016 Election is alone a crime enough to try him for treason in my opinion. No american let alone a Presidential Candidate or President should be working with, colluding with, cooperating with a known enemy of America in anyway at all. Yet Donald John Trump did just that, and he had the gall to stand on Public Television and ask Russia for further help in finding Hillary Clinton’s E-mails. Yet, people still voted him into office as President, why?

Since taking Office he has accomplished zero in my opinion, He has destroyed America from within. He has weakened our stance in the world in all ways, globally. He has backed us out of agreements and commitments everywhere he can.

He has hurt the world and America’s economy by his tariffs on all the countries he has hit with them and made them all go, what is wrong with America? Our farmer can’t sell their crops and are suffering, our automakers are losing jobs and steel prices rise also. Cars are getting more expensive, food cost is rising, and even clothing will too. Does he care what, his tariffs are doing to America? No he doesn’t, he does what he wants as he wants.

His Tax Reform Bill didn’t help the middle class and below folks, it helped the rich get richer, he isn’t helping you or I, the average americans he is helping himself and his rich friends get richer is all.

How many Russians were Indicted for helping Trump win the Presidency? How many Americans went down that road also and got indicted and jailed and convicted now? More Trials will come I am sure, How far can Jared Kushner go and keep up what he is doing and how long will Congress allow it to keep happening.

The names have been posted online and on the news and in the papers, of who and how many have fallen so Trump could be President. Donald Trump thinks he is a King or a Dictator or something and so many have given all they could to get him in Office, and now have paid the price for doing so, It’s really a sad thing and the American People still don’t get what he has done, I am surprised.

Nancy Pelosi is right, she said she would rather see Trump in jail then Impeached. he does belong in an orange jumpsuit in prison, just based on his behavior and actions with Russia and Putin. He colluded with them, and I have no doubt in my mind he knew it was all happening too, his son Donald Jr, does nothing and did nothing without daddy’s word and permission, so Trump was informed and knew. No doubt in my mind!

Sadly, too many blind Americans who don’t read or watch television or if they do, are choosing to remain Trump supporters and backing him still. Why?

In the end folks, if Americans have any brains, guts, and moxy of their own and can think clearly at all, we shall relieve ourselves of the Trump Problem at the polls come election day November 2020. Vote Trump out, for four more years of Trump will destroy the American republic, our democracy, our economy and bring us into wars. VOTE Trump OUT!

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