Democratic Debates, One Down, One to Go!

The first of the democratic debates was last night, as ten candidates stood on stage to introduce themselves and their deas to the american public.

I watched the whole debate and will watch the second tonight. Why, because I am looking for an alternative, someone strong enough, tough enough, smart enough and with guts enough to take on Donald Trump and beat him. Too many items have slipped by the wayside in the Trump Administration, too many crimes have been committed by Trump, from rape to sexual harassment,to Collusion and Obstruction of Justice, and constant lies and killing of Obama Care, attempts at killing social security and medicaid and medicare. It was a sad day in hell when Trump was sworn in as President.

No american President has hired more people and fired more people then Donald J. Trump. No President has failed at diplomacy and world affairs more them Donald J. Trump. No President has isolated America from the world more than Donald J., Trump and no President has ever been laughed at in the United Nations before Donald J. Trump. Hillary Clinton saw it coming, she called it and was ignored because so many hated her, but the truth is the truth, Trump is Putin’s Puppet and he proves it everyday.

The second Democratic debate will hit the television and radio air waves tonight and i expect some standouts in this one too. Last night, Elizabeth Warren stood tall, talked truth and honesty and hit us with plans and ideas, well done Elizabeth keep it up. Julian Castro, did well and impressed in many ways and I look at him in a clearer light today then before the debate. Cory Booker surprised me in only one way, I knew his issues were strong, but, when he lets himself as a person shine through and shows his emotions, as he did on gun issues he is at his best.

The rest to me were also rans filling air time and taking up space. If I were to pick a fourth place finisher in this debate it would be Amy Klobuchar, but to garner more attention and get better known on the issues she needs to be more forceful and not so homegrown folksy. Cute only works in small elections Amy, wake up get serious, fight back and tell truths. Cute won’t get you the Presidency!

Tonight we will hear from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigueg, all popular candidates for different reasons. Others are to me like add ons, really, but we shall see if they can make a break through into the top contenders list.

I will be watching to see first if Joe Biden stumbles, mumbles or speaks unclear and how he carries himself, His issues and ideas are already known to most and it is more about can he handle it at his age or not. It is also how great is his memory and can he handle pressure!

Bernie Sanders is back for another shot, at attempting to win the Presidency, yet I don’t think he is going anywhere, I think he is spinning his wheels on the same old socialist ideas. Look, we have heard it already Bernie and socialist governments fail and fall apart for a reason.

Kamala Harris I believe has the most to gain from tonight’s debate. She is a strong contender for her prosecutorial background, her ideas and the way she conducts herself. If she plays it right she can move up in the contenders standing in this race tonight. She is smart, clearly speaks and she must use topics that affect all americans not just blacks or hispanics to do so. You, Kamala need to broaden your base, hit issues like education, foreign policy, health care and elderly people too. You also need to hit justice too but not at a rate it is all, you talk on. Broaden your platform and base a bit.

Mayor Pete Buttigeug, while you are the youngest candidate on the stage and the only LGBTQ candidate in this race, none of that is going against you. Your problem is inexperience and you will be hit with it tonight I am sure. Your inexperience is going to catch up with you especially in world affairs, and you will be hit with how do you run for President if you can’t fix your own police force in your hometown of which you are the Mayor. Sometimes, some of the candidates in these race run too soon, I think you Mayor Pete and your Texas counterpart Beto O’Rourke both have that problem in this race.

The surprise of this second debate may be Eric Swalwell of California if he is given time to speak. he is a decent looking man, who carries himself well and has lots to say about the current state of affairs in america. The real question is how he can geta foothold to get in the top ten from where he is now.

As I said when I began this blog certain democrats will stand out and move ahead I am sure. the current leaders in the list are almost a shoo in so to say. Joe Biden will stay near the top if he flubs or stumbles anyway, because of he being Obama’s Vice President. Elizabeth Warren showed she can debate with all the leaders and control the topics and speak clearly and make sense. I am sure, Kamala Harris will show up and shine some, as will a few new ones many haven’t heard from yet. In the end it will be the top five or six who battle for the nomination, past September and no more. The Democratic will not be able to maintain this large a field for much longer than that, without self destructing if you ask me.

No matter what happens between now and September of the Democratic Convention next year, only certain candidates can stay alive long enough to get there. I am impressed by some an dother, I disagree with, but some issues should be major for any platform the democrats will bring forth. 1) America’s standing in the world 2) The Climate Change problem, 3) Education and costs. 4) Medicare for ALL, 5) Cleaning up and staffing the Government properly so it works again.6) The Biggest is to get rid of Trump and The Republican led Senate which is a disaster in my opinion. 7) Immigration Policies must be fixed and changed. No more caging people, let’s do it right and honor their rights too.

Is there a major issue all candidates should face on either side, yes there is. Justice for all means all should be equally treated under it. If it means a President must be and should be charged for crimes he committed in office once he is out of office it must be done. We can’t have double standards and we can’t have Presidents commiting crimes of rape, sexual harassment, collusion and obstruction of justice all while in office. We can’t have a bigot, who is racist in Office as President it doesn’t work. We can’t have a man in the presidency who has no respect for women, people of color, or anyone who disagrees with him. Trump must go and I am counting on these democrats to knock him out in the 2020 Election and you should too!

One last thing for all, Yes a Woman can be President and should be! If a woman can give birth, raise children, run a home, be married and work for a living, then she can multi-task better than any man can, and a woman can run America, and one should get the chance to do so in my book!

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