Don’t let Trump escape Justice, don’t Give Trump Four More years, Vote Him Out!

When was the last time America has seen a President and a mess so bad, as this one in American History? There has never been one that’s for sure up until the Trump Presidency. And yet men like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham defend Trump, they don’t care if he raped a woman, and sexually harassed numerous others. That’s a sad commentary on the Republican Leader today in the Senate!

Women were harassed, sexually assaulted by Trump and these senators stand and support him saying well he denied it. Well Senators Graham and McConnell, are 16 women all lying and trying to make money off a book? That would be funny to see as they stumbled over one another for attention for the books they wrote, wouldn’t it?

The fact is none are making money off of Trump, or any book that includes him. The facts are they don’t even talk about him unless they have to, or are asked about him. Why would 16 women accuse one man of sexual misconduct and crimes without no basis for them, they wouldn’t folks, he is guilty of it all. Sixteen women folks, count them, compare their stories, listen to them and see for yourself, America Elected a Sexual Predator as president of the United States in 2016. No man accused of rape defends himself by saying she wasn’t my type. Rape is about power not attraction!

I have already stated many facts in my blogs that others have reported on The Mueller Report and the Investigation. I have reiterated those posts and given you facts from Mueller’s report, numbers, names and more, but the best is yet to come. Robert Mueller himself will hit America’s Airwaves on television on July 17th, 2019, as he testifies to Congress regarding his findings in his report. Plastered on National Television whether it is live or not matters not, for now all America will hear and see the facts for themselves, on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC CNN and all major news networks. The Truth can not be buried forever, it can not be postponed and put off and delayed so Trump can win a second term as President. That is what Trump is trying to do here folks, he doesn’t want to have it known publicly this way and he wants to get a second term, while he can is all. he knows once the truth is released on his Colluding with Russia and his Obstruction of Justice Attempts, combined with his failures at diplomacy and negotiations with North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, the truth of what a failure he is will come out.

I am amazed to see american women of all colors and heritages, wanting to vote Trump for 2020. He treats women like play toys and like slaves and he rapes and harasses them. Women of America you have to stand up when the polls open on November 3rd, 2020 and vote this man out.

As to Trump’s replacement. the possibilities are numerous from the democratic side, and I know there are now 24 democrats out there. Not all will survive the debates and or the money hunt to keep going. Not all will pass muster with the voters in America of all colors, races, and both sexes, but a few may.

I personally am pleasantly surprised by some of the democratic Candidates out there now. I like a few for different reasons. 1) I like Kamala Harris, why, she is straightforward, honest and an ex prosecutor. She may not have all the answers but she makes sense with what she says and is tough. 2) Elizabeth Warren, a woman who makes plans, prepares and then tells you she has made them. She stands tall, is honest to a fault, and is not afraid of the men in the race. she stand up to Trump, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, and I like that. I also think a Women should be President and can be, if they can run a family and a home, work a job,give birth and raise a family they can run America. Period

As to the Male candidates I have my doubts on all the leaders here. Joe Biden tends to make bad statements and step on his own toes, so to say, he stumbles about. Is he too old for the job, maybe, is he too old fashioned for the position, I think so.

Bernie Sanders and his so called socialist platform, as even Trump said America does not need socialism to survive. I don’t care how limited he thinks it is or why he believes it, socialism ruined more then one country in the world ask around.

Pete the Mayor Buttigieg , well I can say this about Pete he speaks with a straight tongue, but his inexperience and lack of knowledge hurts him big time. I admire his truthfulness and his attempt at running, but I think he should come back in 2024 not now. if you need help straightening, out your police department in your town you are Mayor in, it should tell you you have a problem. It does to me, and I think you need to fix your town first before you try to take on the whole countries problems.

The rest of The Democratic field to me will have a hard time showing me what they are made of and that they are anywhere near ready for the job of President, that’s my opinion. Like many say, we all have opinions, and we all have a right to them, if ya disagree I am fine with it, but if you try to change my mind you better do it with facts not lies.

Last thing to note here, William Weld is running on the Republican side as an alternative to Donald Trump. if i were a Republican, of which I am not, of course, I would back William Weld over Trump. William Weld has no women pressing charges for sexual harassment or rape. William Weld did not screw up, or collude with Russia in any way or Obstruct Justice. Trump now has a lot of bad baggage attached to him and it is affecting him in many ways. He doesn’t want the Presidency to help the country folks,he wants the Presidency so he won’t face charges if he loses. He doesn’t like the idea they may arrest him if he loses, because the charges will still be alive. he gets four more years and a second term and he escapes justice folks, the time limits will be up on what they charge him with. Don’t let Trump escaped Justice, don’t Give Trump Four More years, Vote Him Out!

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