My thoughts on two days of Democratic Debates !

As America gets ready to Celebrate The Fourth of July 2019, the first Democratic debates have shown us who can unseat Trump.
1) Kamala Harris can
2) Elizabeth Warren can
3) Pete Buttigeug can if he gets help.
The rest were also rans some who should go home and stop where they are at!
Weed it out now Democrats, bring the above three best and lets kick Trump’s ass!

Sadly, Joe Biden’s time has come and gone folks, he was slow, he was offended too easy, he faltered and in the end he back pedaled to his days as Vice President and Obama’s era. You can’t win that way Joe sorry.

Bernie Sanders is selling the same old socialist programs and ideas and nothing new and sadly like Joe Biden he is stuck in an earlier era that does not, play today.

As for the rest of the candidates who debated I wish to say this,Julian Castro had his moment and did a great job at it!. Yet if we are talking of winning the White House, it may not be his time.

I admire all the Democrats for stepping up and taking a run at the Nomination and debate. Yet some are not ready yet and others are just not on the ball. I won’t name , names so to say, ok.

If the democrats want alternative choices besides the top three I listed above, I would go to Amy Klobuchar, who is a little too folksy and quiet to win, but can be pushed to get louder.

So in the number 4) position I would add Castro and number 5) Klobuchar

That is how I see the results of these two debate nights!

I want one thing in 2020, Trump gone! Let’s make it happen!

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