Jimmy Carter said it, Donald J, Trump is an Illegitimate President !

Former President Jimmy Carter suggested Friday that a full investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election would show that Donald Trump didn’t win the presidency.

It took the oldest longest living President to say it, but the truth is out. Donald J, Trump is an Illegitimate President, James Earl Carter thinks so at least and that means something to me.

As I watched the Democratic debates last week, I watched as Joe Biden stumbled and fell almost flat on his face unable to handle it all. I watched people like Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigeug, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Julian Castro all have their moments in the sun to shine.

Trump is not a legitimate President in my mind and never was and never will be. Yes he got the Presidency with Russian help and Russian Rubles, makes him a non legal President in my book. Can’t change the fact he is in office now, but I sure can hate all he does or fails to do, properly.

Now the question is what is next for all of America. I will tell you what it is, it is Robert S, Mueller, on television testifying about his report. Trump has stopped McGhan from testifying, Hope Hicks he cut off at the knees and forced to say very little or close to nothing and others he is hiding from Congress and its committees.

When Mueller hits the air waves with the truth and it will happen come July 17th, we shall see what he says or doesn’t say. It will be interesting to say the least.

I watched Donald J. Trump weakly and playfully tell Putin not to mess with the 2020 election on television upon a reporter asking him to. It was a joke, a ploy, a game and Trump and putin laughed at it all. They both knew what he meant was it’s ok, you can help me again, if you wish. Watch it will happen once more, Putin and Trump are colluding in front of the world’s eyes.

I pray America will wake up to the fact Trump is a liar, con man, a failed businessman in many ways and he committed bankruptcy four times. He failed at Casinos, Steaks, Water, and so much more. Yet, people got buffaloed into believing he was a great businessman he isn’t. What did someone once say, if you say it outloud enough times you can fool everyone, even yourself into believeing it, welcome to Trump’s world.

Trump is a narcissist, a liar, a con man and a criminal in more ways than one. and sadly his die hard loyalistic supporters will still back him no matter what. I can only pray and hope a Democrat is powerful enough, strong enough and smart enough to beat him in 20202, otherwise America will belong to Russia or become a communist coutry under Trump run by Putin.

As Medical costs soar, food prices rise, gas prices start to go back up, and the cost for middle class citizens rises each year, the rich get richer is all that is happening.

I suffer from many things in life, a rough childhood, injuries from service, 6 herniated discs in my spine, a lost of a lobe an done third of my right lung to cancer and struggle to get by daily and monthly on a Military medical Disability payment and social security disability too. I watch as my wife fights breast cancer metastasized to her bones and has gone through years of it and still survives it, miraculously! We can’t work, but we survive, because we strive to only. but we are growing old.

As we age a new generation is showing up in the world and to me they lack commitment, courage and the guts to fight for themselves. They are too involved in video games and smoking pot and having fun to realize that they are going to be the hurting generation in a short period of time if Trump gets a second term. They will be without a system to give them protection and stability as they age, Trump is attacking Medicare, medicaid, Social security right now. he is attacking Roe vs Wade, he is losing in negotiations with Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and North Korea, and more.

He has angered Mexico, Canada and the South american countries closest to us and below us. He has Tariffed Canada, Mexico, China, and others in such a way, they can’t handle him anymore and are returning the favor by tariffing us back, in an escalulating fashion.

His performance as President is a joke and so is the First Ladies also. Neither has the courage or strength and heart enough to realize how a Trump Presidency is killing America, Trump’s supporters will all cry foul at my blog I am sure if they see it, but I am honest.

I wrote saying I am hoping one of the leading Democratic Candidates, will beat Trump in 2020 and America can be put back on track and saved on FaceBook. I was shocked when some of my old Navy Shipmates said it won’t happen, they can’t beat Trump! It surprised me, who some of them were, and that they supported Trump’s collusion, obstruction of justice, lying and so much more like blind loyal puppies.

I love my shipmates from my Navy days, and I do respect them in many ways, but we disagree when it comes to Trump that’s for sure, and I am disappointed in them. We sailed the sea, we defended our country and we did it side by side in all ways to survive and to get the job done. I am proud of My Navy Shipmates, My Army Soldiers and the National Guardsmen I served with, and I respect their opinions. But I have a right as they do to agree to disagree and it happens in two areas with all who live in america, politics and religion. So, that lesson I learned decades ago and half a lifetime ago in my teens.

I also learned we all have a right to free speech, and a right to our opinions and we can say what we please for we are Americans. No matter how we all disagree or agree on matter in the country and politics we wll I hope all of us who are Americans, Veterans and Active Duty, Stand United in the Defense and Protection of Democracy, and the Republic of The United States of America!

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