Don’t Keep Giving airtime to Trump’s, outrageous statements and racial taunts and rants.

August 2019 has arrived folks. We have seen the democratic debates of June and July and we have a month off till the next one which is September.

In the meantime, North Korea continues to test short range missiles off it’s coast. Iran is mad at us because Trump broke the agreement on Nukes with them and left them hanging,China is pissed at us because Trump keeps putting Tariffs on them and others.

Mexico is mad because they are getting the short stick in trade and the so called wall is being built. Canada is getting shafted in Tariffs by Trump also and not happy, for they supplied a lot of their steel to us.

Trump just continues to make our allies mad, our enemies, frenemies and tries to pacify dictators and communist everywhere, without thinking twice. Why?

Look Trump has shown he is racist, he is ignorant, he is undereducated and an incompetent President. Yet, his die hard loyalist still hang on his every word. Trump is an illegal and illegitimate President period, he worked with Russia to get elected, want proof just watch the tapes of him asking Russia to find Hillary’s emails! Want further proof, check out the Trump Tower Meeting with Russians attended by Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner. It’s true they colluded and accepted Russian Help to get Trump elected.

Obstruction of Justice is spelled out in Mueller’s Report 11 times folks, solid evidence and proof. On top of all of this, Trump is blocking his former staff and employees of the United States Government from Testifying and blocking subpoenas, why? If he is not guilty why block them and order his former assistants and people who worked in the White House and on his campaign from talking? An innocent person would be like have a ball, let them talk, I am innocent.

That all said, his chants at rallies, and his attacks on African-Americans and Hispanics is sickening and just plain wrong. First The Squad, then Cummings and others, why? He attacks women every way he can from raping them, to sexually harassing them, to touching them without permission and more. he is a predator and a sexual offender. Hell, Jeffrey Epstein was one of his best friends for years. they partied together and had fun! There are tapes and videos of them together, it’s not lies folks, it’s facts.

As we come around to the final quarter of 2019 and the Democratic presidential field is whittled down, I expect, Trump will get more and more wild and outrageous in his comments and accusations. What I will say to the Newscasters and news stations of America here and now is this, Don’t Keep Giving airtime to Trump’s, outrageous statements and racial taunts and rants. Don’t air Trump, letting his rallies chant continuously. The more air time you give Trump’s displays of racial words, and actions and ranst, the more he will do so. He wants a second term to avoid prosecution, for the crimes of Collusion, Obstruction, lying, and all illegal acts he has committed as President. He cares not about the American people, the lower class or the middle class, he even doesn’t really care, about the Republican Party.

Donald J, Trump cares only about Donald John Trump, his money, his children and that’s it folks. If you think otherwise, PLEASE NAME ONE THING, Trump Has Accomplished as President, that matters, other than, The Wall!.

Some will scream Jobs and The Economy, I say false. The Economy was built by President Obama before Trump and Trump is riding it out and claiming it as his. Want proof, look at the Auto Industry. Ford laid off blue and white collar workers, Chevrolet cut and shut down plants, the farmers are now subsidized and losing money and storing crops. I have seen the arguments by Trump Supporters I have heard them all, in the end they fall back on, he brings in jobs, he is making the economy great, it’s a lie, Obama did that. When they say Economy, tell them about Ford, Chevrolet, tell them about the farmers in our midwest.

On top of it all we have never in American History, ever had a more divisive President. He divides and pits men against, women, white against black and hispanics and Asians. What kind of a man does these things as a leader of the free world? Look Trump is a white nationalist and supremist, he’s a bigot, he’s homophobic, also.

In The end America, I will say this today to all Americans, If You Re-elect Donald John Trump, you will be asking for a move toward communism in america, a dictator or a Kingdom, and you will be letting the biggest criminal in American Presidential History walk free!

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