This is my opinion as a Voter who watched the debates in full.

All 20 Democrats who qualified to debate on the stage on CNN have done so now. While I have watched the first set and now the second set of these debates closely, I wonder how soon the Democrats will get down to seriousness, about who will get their Nomination.

I watched Joe Biden the first Debate and the second and what I saw was a man trying to live off the coattails of President Obama. When you look at each President you have to consider the times and circumstances they presided over and lived through this is true, but you can not, live in the past or use the past to justify the future or make the future work for Americans. We are moving ahead Joe Biden not backwards, create your own healthcare plan, make up your own immigration plan and economic plan too. Stop reaching back to Obama and his decisions make some of your own. Age is also a consideration in Biden’s case.

Kamala Harris is actually a bright woman with a good education and a prosecutorial background, and decent ideas and who can take a shot and survive, she showed it last night. In her rounds of Debates, she showed she can fight back, she can produce her own plans and she is not afraid to ask for help in doing so. Yes, she got dinged by Gabbard and others a bit in her second round, but it was expected, all get hit especially when your near the top of the pack. Harris to me is smart enough to adjust on her feet, and to stand her ground as needed but she can also adjust as she goes and learn. Yet the old line still applies here for many men, can a woman be President?

Elizabeth Warren may be the best Democratic out there right now to battle Trump and the Republicans and help Americans. She stands tall, comes prepared and can debate the hell out of all topics I have seen and to that I say, hell yes. Warren, is intelligent folks, she resists foolish bullshit, she tells it like it is and when hit, she fights back with knowledge and proof she knows ,what she is saying. Again like with Harris, the old adage and line comes up can a woman really be President? To that, for both of these women, I say yes they can, if a woman can run a household, pay the bills, work a job and raise children at one time, then yes, they can multitask better than us men. They can run the country believe me.

Bernie Sanders, no one will say Bernie can’t be President, and I am not one who would either. Yet I wonder, is America ready for a Socialist Democratic to run it. Bernie has given the democrats many plans and ideas that many others have picked up and are now running on. Yet Bernie needs humility and he needs to stay calm and in the end he needs to be careful out there. His age becomes a factor in the race at this point. Bernie seems to be ok, as long as no one questions his plans, or abilities as soon as they do, he goes over the deep end and starts raising his voice and losing control. You can see how badly Bernie wants the Presidency.

Pete Buttigueg is maybe the best composed of all the front runners, but his youth gives me doubt as to his winning the nomination. Experience does count as well as decision making skills and more. How can a Mayor of a Indiana, small city, become President if he can’t fix problems in his own home town that he runs? I like his composure, I like how he handles himself and I like how he does not get flustered or upset. What I don’t like is, he has no experience in foreign affairs, he has no experience in creating jobs or handling the economy and his inexperience will make a difference in the White House. He should come back in four years if he has success as a Mayor.

Cory Booker is showing currently he can be Presidential in some ways and he has a mind in his head. He stands tall, defends his ideas and he is not afraid to go head to head with anyone, on any issue. But is Cory Booker ready for the White House fully, can he handle major decisions, and can he make the right choices? These are just a couple of the question,s Cory Booker has yet, to answer for me.

Julian Castro showed himself to be knowledge, helpful and bright and he also showed himself to be a responsible person. His views on Healthcare, Justice and Immigration make sense. Yet is he ready for prime time and to be thrown into the political pool of sharks that exist in the world out there? I like his style, his demeanor and his speech, and I like him in many ways, but, can he win, it is doubtful, up against the many others, he faces.

Here is how I see it heading into the next democratic debates in September 2019, the top seven in my book who should be there in the next round:

  1. Joe Biden he has the lead and he is popular, yet he stumbles, but not enough to discard him.
  2. Kamala Harris will be there as one of the Leading women in this bunch. Strong, plays defense well and can prosecute, and has decent ideas in all areas.
  3. Elizabeth Warren, she may be the best female candidate to hit the stage of debating ever. Brillant, logical, and stands her ground. takes control. Knowledgeable.
  4. Bernie Sanders will be there for sure, he will have the backing financially and morally and among voters. Is he too old and outdated now, we shall see.
  5. Pete Buttigueg will be there also in September the money is there and so is the polling for him as it is for the above candidates. Yet youth may be, as well as, lack of experience, against him.
  6. Cory Booker may be a man who will show if his money flow comes forth after his second performance in these debates.
  7. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, showed up in the second debate she was in, in a positive, strong way and said good things, many people want to hear. She is coming on, and I think should, have a shot.
  8. Julian Castro should be the eighth one on the stage in September. Knowledge, common sense, and speech abilities go a long way. He has good stances on all issues too.

Now I don’t know who would round out the top ten if the democrats stay at ten candidates for the next debate cycle. Yet I do know, these eight, I named here, are probably the top ones for further comparisons and consideration to be the Democratic Nominee in the 2020 Presidential Election Cycle. This is my opinion as a Voter who watched the debates in full.

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