29 Dead in 2 Shootings! Don’t re elect Trump!!!

When will Congress and the American People stand up and shut down the Gun Lobbies and the NRA in America and pull military type weapons and bump stocks off the streets?

El Paso Texas, lost 20 people so far, 24 others are fighting for their lives from injuries all because one man, decided to drive over 600 miles in a 9 hour drive, to kill people in a Walmart, that was shared by two nations.

His Manifesto I have not read, but I understand, says just that, he doesn’t want intermingling of the white race with other races. Where do people get these ideas and why, well simple, the man in the White House who, is President, is where.

Other presidents were racist also, or white supremist, but they didn’t publicly spout it from the bully pulpit, or on national television, they kept it to themselves. I do not and will never understand a President who is fanning the flames of racial hate and fear in America the way Trump does.

America is built on Immigration and intermingling of people, we asked for the needy, the poor and more to come here to make this imperfect union we call America. In all my life and I am 63 going on 64 years old in January, I have never seen an American President so filled with hate, so filled with anger and so filled with bullshit as Trump is.

Trump’s words, are what keeps this anger and racial tension and actions going in America. And anyone who says it isn’t so is not listening to what is really happening in America today.

Whites look at blacks and hispanics with suspicion and fear and vice versa too, instead of an open hand to shake and a human being who is just like you. We fear each other now because of color, because of differences, because of hate filled speech and actions by an American President!

Trump started this in his Presidential Campaign folks! He stood on a runway in an airport and pointed across the tarmac and said, look at my black follower there, do you remember that? I do, people don’t pay full attention to all Trump does, with his snide remarks, racial remarks and taunting,

Take a good look at his Administration, there is only one black man in it, Ben Carson, and people asked Carson to stand up to Trump and tell him to stop the racial statements and bullshit, and Carson, just sits there and kisses Trumps ass. Why?

On top of all of the above a second shooting occured yesterday in Dayton, Ohio, 9 more people were murdered and the shooter was killed by police. Now two shootings in one day is sadder than sad folks, and it is turning America into a war zone between the White Supremacist/ Nationalist and the colored population of America. It has to stop!

Laws must be made to keep military weapons off the streets of America and Bump Stocks as well as Ammunition that goes with these weapons. It needs done now and the weapons need to be pulled from gun shows and gun stores across America. A Military Weapon belongs in War not on American Streets!

In the meantime we have lost 20 souls in El Paso Texas and 9 More in Dayton, Ohio in one day. to mad, angry people who got their hands on guns and ammunition that should never be sold in America!

On Top of all of the above, Trump is a con man, a liar, a thief and a walking criminal. He Colluded with Russia, he obstructed justice at least 11 times, and is still Obstructing Justice today. Those Americans who voted Trump for President need to hang their heads in shame and beg forgiveness! For they unleashed the worst President in American History with their votes.

Donald John Trump, is a liar, a white supremacist. a narrist, a con man, a thief, and in the end a dangerous man. He is a criminal trying to run the White House like a Mafia family and getting away with it.

Republicans sit in the House of Representatives and in The Senate afraid of Trump, afraid they will lose their seats if they speak up about Trump and his evil and corrupt ways. Nine republicans have decided not to run for re election why, they can’t sit there and listen to Trump and his ways of doing things and be themselves. That is why the Republicans are leaving, that are, folks no other reason. Want proof just sit down with Hurd of Texas the latest to say he won’t run for re election and he will tell you, he can’t legislate with Trump as President, no one can.

Trump listens to no one, he makes decisions, Congress says no you can’t do it, and he does it anyway with Executive Orders and watches the chaos expand and multiply in America. It’s sad, he breeches the Constitution, The Laws of the land and gets away with it all, especially now, since he went out and got William Barr as Attorney General and gave the man his job and got what he wanted an AG to protect his ass at all cost.

Jeff Sessions, at least stood up to Trump, told him no and didn’t back down and was controlling some of this shit, Barr just enables Trump and lets him do his thing. Sad.

The checks and balances that belong to Congress are not working and Trump is causing hate, racial tension, division and more in America with his words and actions as President. He diverts, distracts and hides from justice in plain sight by his words and actions and in the end the American People are suffering for it, from the farmers in the midwest to the auto workers and everyday people.

I am sorry and feel for those families, who lost members and loved ones in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio yesterday. I as an American, feel your pain and hope at some point there will be justice for all of you in both cities. May, your loved ones rest in peace!

Americans we need to stop the shootings, the violence, the hate, the fear, the anger, now!

We need to Impeach Trump, get rid of him and Pence and we need a new American President one with honor, one with decency, one with morals and one with ethics. We need a President who thinks of all as one, not categories of blacks and hispanics and whites and treats people like they are animals.

We need a President who can Unite not Divide! Americans need to realize, in 45 Presidents in our History, this is the Worst, Criminal, President to ever fill the White House and he Must Go. Don’t re elect Trump!!!

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