Gun Controls, and Mass Murders

Donald John Trump will speak this morning about the shootings in two states this morning. When he does watch closely, because he won’t mention white nationalism, or white supremist acts, he won’t talk of writing laws to ban military weapons, bump stocks, or illegal magazines from the streets. He won’t talk about the NRA and it’s money and lobbying in Washington, DC. He won’t be helping anyone but himself, you can bet on that now.

As these two mass shootings show violence in America is growing and so is hate, prejudice, discrimination and anger. Whites fear blacks and browns, and black and browns fear whites so to say. All races are being divided not united by Trump rhetoric and his lack of morals and ethics and more.

Violence in America has risen and will continue to rise, until a President and leaders of Congress act to suppress it all and back it down verbally. It will continue to rise, as Trump as President refuses to talk about the anger he stirs up in America, how he lets guns continue to be sold at gun shows and in Gun stores. How he is doing nothing to block the mentally ill from obtaining guns, all of this adds up to a angry mob mentality in America.

In my 63 years of life 2019 is the first time I have seen on television and in newspapers, White Nationalist marching chanting they won’t be replaced by Jews. It is the first time in my life span, I have seen people beating on one another at political rallies. It is the first time, I have seen, people blindly follow a racist, bigot, as President and stick to him like glue. He treats blacks and browns and women like they are his token voters and plays them against his white nationalist followers he loves so much. In the meantime we all sit back and watch it all play out and no one in either political party in the House of Representatives or in the Senate acts to stop him or curb gun usage and violence in America. Why?

THese shooters are growing in number folks, there will be more before this ends, why, because of Trump’s words and his speeches, because he encourages violence, and racism in America. He stokes the fears of all Americans, riles up everyone with his speeches and his chants, like, “Lock Her Up”, ” Send Her Home!” and saying things like these democratic congresswomen are against America. It’s all lies and political rhetoric as well as ploys to get votes from his backers and it works for him.

But what about the price the American People are paying for him doing so. What about the 20 dead in El Paso, What about the 9 dead in Dayton? What about the families of all of these people who died, and what about the people who wore injured from all of this violence? 29 dead in two cities I remind everyone, then add in the injured in the two cities, another 46 or so and their families too? What do you say to them Donald Trump, as to why it is happening as to why you didn’t stop it by banning military type weapons from the streets and why you didn’t shut down gun shows and ban ammunition types for these military type weapons, or bump stocks?

Look we saw Trump sit with the NRA, way back in his first year in ffice, and swear he was gonna ban bump stocks, he never did. He said he was going to make the requirements to owna gun harder to eet, he backed off and slunked away when The NRA told him, you won’t get our backing at election time. Sadly, no action has been taken to stop gun violence in America by Trump and his speech and words of hate and racism, is fanning the flames of hate, prejudice, discrimination, and yes violence.

As we mourn our fellow Americans who died in these shootings and these two cities, El Paso and Dayton, try to bury the dead and comfort the families, what will America do to stop it all? What will the President of The united States say or do to stop gun sales and take military type weapons off our streets? The same thing he did when he faced the NRA, talk shit, promise stuff, and just let it be as he tried to get re elected as President, to escape the crimes he has committed himself. Trump is guilty of Collusion folks, just look at his asking Russia for Hillary’s emails on television, Trump is Guilty of Obstruction of Justice not once folks but at least 11 times and adding more each day as he blocks people from testifying to Congress. It’s a sad time in America when it’s President is Guilty of High Crimes and misdemeanors and more and he is not being Impeached!.

For the sake of the 29 dead, and the 46 injured and the two cities of El Paso, and Dayton, Trump must be brought to Justice, the killers must pay, and the people and their families must be helped by all who can help them in all ways, cost of all burials should belong to the United States Government. For our country failed to protect it’s own by passing laws to stop this carnage.

Families who are left now, destroyed by this violence and nager Trump stokes daily, need help, from not only physical care for those shot, but mental health care too for the severe trauma they have been through. Uncle Sam should help with all of the above and the PTSD that will come next for these survivors. Post traumatic shock disorder is worse for the survivors and they will need help to live through it, handle it and to survive and keep going.

We need a President who will ban bump stocks, shut down gun shows and put into place laws that stop the sales of military type weapons in America, we need to control the number of rounds and size of magazines that can be bought, we need better background checks and mental evaluations and testing to buy guns in America. Other countries have control over these things already, in America we don’t.

I want people to read the Second Amendment they cry so much about, That says we have a Right To Bear Arms. Read past that line folks and read why we have the right to bear arms, it is to form a militia and to protect and defend our country. It is not a Right To Bear Arms to kill innocents, to kill people because you don’t like their color or religion or background. It is to form a militia force, and it was written a long time ago, by the ForeFathers of America. We don’t live in a new country anymore, we don’t have wide open fields and forest to hunt in anymore, nor do we have the British to repel anymore. That ended long ago.

Isn’t it time America, for someone to explain to the NRA and Gun Lovers of all ages and types, We don’t need the right to bear arms anymore, although we do have that right, it must be restricted in someway. I am not saying take away, hunting weapons like shotguns or pistols to shoot with in ranges. I am saying take the Military style weapons off our streets. Let’s make sure a person buying a weapon of any kind is mentally stable.

I know I will hear I am sure from gun lobby’s and gun lovers around the country saying and screaming we will keep our guns, we have a right to our guns, yes you do. What you don’t have a right to is military type weapons on our streets, you don’t have a right if your mentally unstable to have firearms that are highly damaging and killing our own people. Nor do the people who run gun sales and sell them, at gun shows, have the right to sell military type weapons to just anyone without a strong background check, a mental stability check and make sure they are not military caliber weapons.

I understand the Right To Bear Arms well, I served in three military services over 16 years, I shot pistols, I shot rifles and shotguns. I understand they are needed under a military system, but in a civilian world you should not have military caliber weapons period.

I will tell you this, until you have a gun pointed at you and you are praying someone does not pull the trigger, you can be all gung ho on guns that you want to be. but when someone points a loaded weapon at you, like they did me many years ago, you don’t get the idea they don’t deserve to be carrying one. I liked hunting one time myself folks, I did, I owned a .22 rifle and went hunting with my friends many times. But when you standing in the woods or a wooded area shooting birds from the sky, and you hit one, it drops and you go to pick it up and someone points a loaded gun at you and argues it’s their bird, you learn not to fight back and to let them have the bird. And you learn that weapons of any kind in the wrong hands are dangerous. Yes, even hunting weapons are dangerous.

America has to remove the Military type weapons from it’s streets, it has to curtail and stop the gun shows and sales and it needs mental health checks and it needs stricter gun laws and restrictions period. Otherwise if no action is taken, more innocent lives will be lost in america, in the future and it will continue to happen and one day it could be you shot or your family grieving next!

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