Trump World must End!

As we go through 2019, I sit in bewilderment of a country that would allow a President Trump. So many Americans are sitting in their homes and rentals in America barely surviving and struggling on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and have very little savings and can’t afford an emergency bill of a thousand dollars, why because jobs are not here, as promised by Trump.

Not only did he not bring jobs back as he promised, he caused the shut down of Auto Factories, and both white and blue collar workers to get laid off or let go.

Then you add in the tariffs he is running against everyone he can including China, Mexico, Canada and more and wham, the American farmers can’t sell their produce anymore and it is being wasted away in silos on farms. The farmers of America have to be subsidized by our Government to survive, now that is sad as hell folks.

Trump has outright murdered ObamaCare, not because it didn’t work, because it did. He killed ObamaCare because he hated Obama period, he doesn’t want anything Obama created or anything with Obama’s name left. Why, simple his anger stems from when he was just getting ready to run for President and Obama busted his ass at a political dinner. he was humiliated and embarrassed and he has never let it go, he is like a petulant, child, who never grows up or moves on.

I have been alive now 63 years, I have seen Eisenhower’s administration go by, Kennedy, all the way up to Obama go by as Presidents. No one has ever embarrassed the American People more than Trump has. No one has had so much turnover in their Administration like this, people come and go like they are on a damn merry go round, through the White House Doors. It’s sad! He can’t work with anyone on anything, it’s Trump’s way or no way and thats sad.

He embarrassed us at The United Nations folks, they laughed at him there! Especially when he said he was making America Great Again.

He’s failed in Foreign Affairs of all types, with North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. He has Tariffed Mexico, Canada and yes even Britain our allies. He has messed with the markets and caused them to crash more then once, why, because he wants to is all. He wants the world to bend to Trump, not for America but for Trump period.

I tire of Trump Supporters and his loyalist followers who come on Television news channels and just defend him no matter what he says or does, when even they know he is wrong to do it or say it. I call them blind loyalist, you know them well, the ones you put facts in front of to prove your point, who sit there and then distract and divert from the subject and points your making to try to make Trump look good or to defend him just because they are Republicans. It’s a sad world in America because Trump got Elected President in 2016.

In previous blogs I have pointed out the history of Impeachments in America for all to see. From Andrew Johnson who was impeached due to his firing of Secretary of War Stanton, to Richard M. Nixon for Watergate and other Offenses and then William J. Clinton for lies and affairs and a damn blow job in the Oval Office. In the end though, even if Trump is never Impeached or no proceedings even started, he is worse them all of the Presidents above put together. For they all worked to protect, preserve and defend the United States as a country and nation and did some great things doings so, even if they made mistakes. Trump has done nothing to further America’s standing in the world, in the economy, nor has he done one damn thing to help the American People period.

Because of Trump’s words, his rhetoric and his speeches and his bigotry, discrimination and prejudice, Americans are dying, they are being shot by white supremacist on American streets with illegal weapons these people shouldn’t even have and he won’t do a thing about. 22 Dead in El Paso, Texas, 9 dead in Dayton, Ohio, and more in Chicago, Las Vegas and other place, because the gun laws allowed unstable people to have guns and he won’t react and stop it. No Red Laws, No raising of the Requirements to Own or Buy a gun, no stopping of sales at Gun Shows, no Limits on magazines or bump stocks either. He won’t act on any of it and he talks and lies his way through it all. He won’t change the laws, because he will lose money for his re election campaign is all. The NRA will not back him if he backs stronger requirements to own a gun they won’t back him is he backs background checks, stronger ones. Why because it affects the NRA, The Gun Lobbies and the Gun Manufacturers, and they lose money themselves, it would cut their profits is all. So, I ask, what’s more important, The sales of guns in America, or the lives of the American People who are innocents and just shopping at a Walmart or at a Concert or Club and suddenly get killed for no reason? You Tell me America !

As the deaths mount, we watch an American President who wanted to go to Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, lie to us about his trips to both cities. He claimed the trips were so good and the people treated him so well. lies. The Mayors of both cities had to greet him officially it was their duty to do do as a public official, and they did their duty. The patients who were shot and injured refused to see the President of The United States who wanted to say hello to them, what does that tell you? I know what it tells me, they got shot by a mad man with a gun and the cause of that madness is speeches and words spoken by the President, that’s what they didn’t want to see him. He provoked the shootings with his words, his rhetoric and his speeches. I would’ve said no to seeing him too if it were me.

Will anything change now, will the red laws come into effect, will requirements go up to own a gun, will mental health checks go in place to own a gun, will the gun shows be shut down and the sales of guns at gun shows? Will anything change folks, no, why, Trump is scared of the NRA, he needs their 300 million in donations to his re election coffers. That is what the problem is, the lobbies in Washington of all different kinds with their money, are controlling it all. The Lobbying in Washington should be stopped, all lobbying in Washington should be banned. Representatives and Senators should be required to Vote on The Issues based on the needs of the people in their states and districts, not based on lobbying money from these organizations and companies. No one is mentioning that now are they? Why?

I can go on and on and on about Trump’s illegal activities, his illegal election as President, his lies about crowd sizes at his Inaugural, and more but why, it’s been said already, people know it. Or i could just tell you he Colluded with Russia to get the Presidency and the proof is in two acts alone never mind the cyber evidence. What was a Russian Lawyer doing at Trump Tower meeting with Trump’s son and other during the 2016 Election and what for? It sure as hell wasn’t about adoption! All you have to do is watch Donald Trump himself on television, asking the Russians to find Hillary’s emails himself and then know they did try that exactly 5 hours later by breaking into democratic databases. Be realistic folks he committed collusion to get the Presidency. Then he goes on to lie to America on average of 24 times a day, Obstructs Justice at least 11 times as stated in the Mueller Report and is now obstructing Justice left and right still. The only real question is this, is it worth it to Impeach Trump? I sit worth the time and effort and money it would take to do so? Is he worth that folks, I think not.

Committees in Washington, are already in all parts of Trump’s finances, his Russian Connections and more, daily sorting through it and compiling evidence. I know what I would do if I were the democrats, I would openly put all the evidence before the American People prior to any election to re elect this man. I would put the proof in front of the whole country on television, in the papers and on radio and then, say go ahead vote now, for what happens if you vote for Trump, you are now fully informed, go ahead shoot yourselves and your country to death. Go ahead folks, you vote for him if you think he is so great and doing so much for you, as jobs disappear, food and gas prices rise, and the stock markets crashes. Go ahead, and vote for him as you have no medical insurance and no medicaid or medicare, or social security if he stays in office. Go ahead be foolish Americans, cut off your nose to protect you face and don’t smell his bullshit, because I do smell it. It’s evil, it’s discriminating, it’s bigotry, it white nationalist and it’s dangerous. Watch him seperate children from their parents and leave them crying, that they don’t know where to get food to eat, without them or how to eat. Go ahead and let him alienate Mexico, Canada and Britain and France and other allies we always have had and Isolate us from the world. Go ahead and watch him deny Climate change and scientific facts, go ahead and let him allow the earth to lose it’s resources and the planet to die under you. I can’t change what you do, but I know I can not and would never Vote for such a person for president in my lifetime and i never have or will. He’s a walking disaster and he’s dangerous and a demagogue, he thinks he’s a king and doesn’t understand he’s a President, and supposed to represent all Americans of all colors, all races all nationalities. He thinks he’s a King of the Country and all Kings fall fast and hard folks, look at history, this one must go too!

Sadly, too many Americans, are sitting at home and they don’t watch the news, they don’t read the papers, they don’t listen to the radio or keep pace with what happens in Washington, DC, they sit home and leave it to the politicians in Washington, and trust their President to do the morally and ethically and politically correct things to keep the nation running correctly. Well I can tell you this, Trump is not a moral man, he is not a ethically man, he is not a kind man, or a generous man, he is not an intelligent man, nor is he capable of feeling empathy or caring about anyone else except himself, his legacy and his money. He stinks as a businessman, he’s closed more Trump Branded companies than most people in business, he committed bankruptcy four times folk,s at your expense, he couldn’t keep afloat Trump Water, Trump Steaks, Trump Casinos and you want him running America? The man couldn’t even sell water to you and keep it going! Sad!

I didn’t vote Trump, I would never have voted Trump, I saw through his charade and cover when he came down the escalator in Trump Tower. He is selfish, and a narcissist, he is a petulant man-child who has no business in the adult world, never mind as President of The United States, he is Putin’s Puppet just like Hillary Clinton warned all. Sometime America, one over compensates because you fear one person over another, like what happened in the 2016 Election here. Americans were scared of Hillary Clinton they feared her, and thought her evil, so they over compensated and we got Trump instead. That overcompensating is now costing America in world standing, in allies, in food prices, in climate change and so much more including no health care insurance and the gun violence and racial tensions we now have in our country that is falling apart because of it all.

Sadly, the 2016 Election, brought us Trump, we must change it in 2020, or watch our country go under, under him. It is happening daily folks, and it will continue to happen if Trump gets four more years, you can all learn russian, and start calling one another comrades.

Before you decide to vote come November 2020, do yourself a favor, ask yourself, how you grandchildren will survive, how your great grandchildren will live or what they will have when they are adults and your far gone! Will they have a planet to live on left? Will they have food to eat or be able to afford medical coverage or housing costs? Will they have jobs to work, to make money or be able to retire at decent ages? What will become of America is the racial divide widens, will we have race wars between colors, or live through a new civil war in America because of this man? Whats next America, is what counts, whats next means, will we save the planet we live on for future humankind, will we prevent racial wars, will we find and invent ways to produce more food. will we live and our species survive and for how long?

The attitude of me , me, me, must change in America to US, US, Us, we must come together, we must Unite, we stand for truth, honesty, caring, and the rights of all mankind to survive! Unity of all Americans and the world must be achieved for mankind to carry on, we must save the world, we must ave America first and help our own, and then reach out and help all. It is a basic need or mankind, to help one another, the color of your skin means nothing folks, the nationality you come from means nothing what does count is we are Americans, we must Unite and turn around the damages of the last election and the damages caused by Trump. We must go forward not backwards and we can not allow this man, to kill the American Dream and hope for a better land, a better nation, a better world. Trump World Must End!

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