The choice is yours Americans, what do we do, next?

Let me keep this simple for all Republicans out there, and all Trump Supporters period, the man you put into office and protect, is a narcissist, a con man, a liar, an Obstructor of Justice, a Colluder, and in the end the worst damn President America will ever see and has ever seen, since its birth, 243 years ago.

I watched the election results in 2016 when Trump won the election over Hillary Clinton and the whole country went oh sh-t! I watched when he was sworn in and got half the people he now brags about at his Inauguration and then lied about it to everyone on television publically, knew from that day forward America was in a downward spiral.

Well, here we sit, 2019, three years later almost, and what have we really got. We have a President who acts like a petulant man child, cries everytime someone disagrees with him, and lies an average of 24 times a day to the America People.

He and his family and campaign staff, all worked with Russia to win the 2016 election and did so barely, losing the popular vote by over 300 million votes. He colluded with Russia to get it, if you don’t believe it just watch the footage of him asking Russia to find Hillary’s emails, publically on television for all to see. Just look at the Trump Tower meeting and who attended it and ask yourself, what was a russian attorney doing there? Collusion folks that’s what!

The Obstruction of Justice alone is enough to Impeach a President and so is the number of lies, about it all. Lying to Congress and the American people about everything from collusion, Russian interference in our election process, the Obstruction of Justice 11 times now and now he is still blocking Congress from doing their oversight duties, by telling people to avoid subpoenas , they get to appear. He won’t let people who worked in the Oval Office or White House Testify to Congress, why? What is he hiding here?

Today is August 8th, it is the anniversary of Richard M. Nixon’s Resignation from the Presidency. Nixon lied, covered up and hid so many things about Watergate and was caught up in a maelstrom of political pressure and intrigue that it was crazy, I remember it well. Yet, I will say this much about Richard M. Nixon, he did more for America than Trump could ever do, but ended up resigning in disgrace and ultimately paid the ultimate price. he at least was man enough to resign and do what was right for the country, Trump isn’t.

In American History, only three Presidents faced Impeachment so far, One Andrew Johnson, for firing the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, Richard Nixon for Watergate and William Clinton for a blowjob in the Oval Office. Sadly, at this time, I want to say the following, Donald John Trump, can’t stand beside any of these three men, in my book. While each went thru Impeachment Proceedings and each had different results, they did more for America than Donald John Trump could ever do, they preserved and protected the nation and the Presidency.

Donald John Trump is a racist, white supremacist/ nationalist, he is a narcissist, he is a con man, a liar, a thief, and a cheat. He is also a colluding son of a bitch, who openly colluded with Russia and America let him get away with it so far. He has been Obstructing Justice now for almost three full years. He is a stain on America’s Presidential History, and the nations history too. He fails as a leader period.

I know if the House of Representatives should start Impeachment Hearings, Trump will fight tooth and nail against them and the Senate will probably never even consider it. McConnell is blocking anything against Trump, and everything Trump wants him to, The Senate is blind to anything Trump does wrong it seems. Plus, time is on Trump’s side for Impeachment Hearings and the process takes a while to get going so he may outlast any attempt at it, Pelosi and the House may start.

In the end, as El Paso, Texas and Dayton Ohio, and Chicago, Ill, all try to recover from gun violence, from racist rants, and speeches and words used by President Trump, people are dying. Guns that only belong in the military sphere are on America’s Streets and Trump does nothing to stop it period. No Bans on Military Weapons, no new gun laws, nothing is he going to do except run to the death sites for photo ops for his 2020 campaign folks. He won’t fight the NRA, or The Gun Lobbyist, or Gun Manufacturers, why, simple they are paying to keep him in office and his next re election campaign. The NRA, Gun Lobby and Gun Manufacturers are telling him, you ban the guns and bump stocks or change the gun laws, we don’t back you, for President period.

The Gun Shows should be outlawed, the military type weapons should be banned from sales, except for military purposes, bump stocks and large magazines should be outlawed on the streets. Requirements to own a gun in America should be increased, mental health tests should be implemented, to get a gun license one should have to pass a mental health test and more. The Red Flag Laws should be put in place and enforced strongly. The Red Flags should be attached to the mentally ill, the domestic terrorist and any terrorist people or organization.

In the meantime, our Government should be aiding and helping the shooting victims, their families and the cities these acts of domestic terrorism have occurred in. It’s time, America, to do what is right for all who live here of all colors, all races, all nationalities, for all Americans, we must come together, we must fight to get it done, or the next shot that rings out on American Streets, could be the one to take your loved one, your child, your father, your mother, your relative! Do it now, and lets go forward and get a new President one with some empathy, some morals, some ethics.

The 2020 Presidential Election may be the most important in American History, in its 243 years and at the time of the election, 244 years, of existence. Americans must choose to either go the white nationalist way, or the way of Democracy and save the Republic. The choice is yours Americans, what do we do next?

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