Thats, my basic Sunday folks in a nutshell, how about yours?

Sunday is for most Americans and I believe world wide a rest day and a day of religion attendance and worship. In most homes people relax, watch a movies or go outside to do things. It’s a day of relaxation and entertaining oneself, after a long week of work and necessary chores.

It’s a great day to just have fun really. For Me it’s a day of waking up early and checking to see first of my wife who is a cancer victim is still breathing and with me. once I am sure she is still with me, I head to the old coffee pot and have a cup and something to eat before, exploring my computer and the online news sites, such as CNN, MSN, and others, to see what happened overnight or what has happened politically in the world and in America.

Now, I try on Sunday’s to relax, so after doing so, I feed my cats and head outside to the top of my driveway and gather my Sunday Paper, through which, I scan once back in my kitchen, and look through the headlines and then the obituaries, because when your in your mid sixties folks, old friends may die, old relatives may die, or you may just want to check to make sure your not listed there. LOL! I mean seriously, I remember when I was in my teens, a misprinted obituary in the paper said a woman I knew was dead and she wasn’t. I was like really they make those mistakes!

Anyway once that is done I have to stop, take my daily does of pills, relax a bit and then look at my chores list for the day. Things come up once the wife is awake and moving, each day she gives me a honey do list of chores. They include watering her plants, Cleaning cat boxes, cleaning fridges, so Cleans my CPAP, Charge a portable vacuum or two and cleaning the kitchen, dishes, counter and stove, And then she adds in cleaning bathrooms of which for us, we have three to clean, every now and then. Most are chores that need done, many times there are more then two that really don’t need done. Happens.

Anyway, once i get through all the chores and get fully awake there is the matter of my cooking breakfast for us both, which usually is some scrambled eggs with cheese and and OJ for her and a coffee for me. Then, I get to determine how to spend the rest of my day till I have to feed her lunch and then supper later and doing the pills for the evening and the next day.

My day will usually include playing some Xbox Games or going grocery shopping and putting it all away when I am finished too.

By the time all of the above is finished it is time for Television for an hour or three depending on how tired she is and I am too. Everyone has their favorite shows I am sure, like we do. Till bedtime arrives of course.

The amazing thing about life is you get in a pattern of it once you settle into a home or a relationship or marriage. You know each other well enough it just like your on autopilot each day. Funny right, but it happens to all of us.

We all argue with one another and disagree with one another and everyone may even yell and scream at one another, bu in the end we all continue on and stay together, it’s a matter of life. Life becomes a pattern we can live with, a way we know and get comfortable with and we don’t break it for fear of losing what we have. It’s when people can’t live with said pattern, or breach it, that divorces happen or when mental conditions or past experiences may come up, that things hit the skids so to say. But if both parties are stable and normal enough, you deal with each thing that comes up, like grown adults and move on.

For me I am a victim of cancer and so is my wife. I beat Lung Cancer in 2013 and am still here in 2019, she has suffered with breast cancer now since 2003 on and off. She went into remission and then it came storming back in 2015 and we deal with it each day now, for it has spread to her bones. Chemos, radiation treatments are done as scheduled for her and i sit and stay with her always. wouldn’t you with the one you love.

So our life is not spectacular, or amazing or exciting now a days, but it is a routine we live with and we get by with as comfortably as possible.

We like to listen to CNN and the news and we both have the same political feelings and beliefs basically and right now we both hate what is happening with our current President and having him as President. The man has no morals, or ethics, or cares about anyone not named Trump, or his own money. So we debate politics and talk it back and forth as it flashes across out television screens. We watch as mass murders happen and wonder why, no politician or President can get their act together and just ban these military weapons from our streets and make life safe once more in America. We watch as our President Lies, and cons the nation and colluded to get elected with Russia and then denies doing so, but goes on to Obstruct Justice left and right, right up until today. We shake our heads and hope , he doesn’t get re elected in 2020 and try to stay calm as he screws up the economy, the stock exchange, farmers and jobs in America and then, gets racist and bigoted in all ways, over Immigration and shows he hates brown, black people and wants them to go home, to where they were born, but doesn’t realize they belong here for they are Americans. Anyway we see him as a sad, sad, sad President and the worst in American History Period.

Thats, my basic Sunday folks in a nutshell, how about yours?

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