Fate/ Luck/ Parenting/Results

In life we all face difficulties and we all have our victories and defeats. Everyone can not win every time, nor should everyone lose all the time, there is a happy medium to it all, isn’t there? I believe there is, it’s just a matter of luck, of fate it seems.

Some can change fate or luck, and make it work for them and others can not. History tells us about luck and fate and the possibilities that can happen in odds, and numbers. Yet, if your like me, you don’t deal with fate or luck, you do the best you can with what you have, and carry on each day, avoiding the possibilities of it going bad.

In life as we grow up, we face choices we have to make. early ones we really have no control over, because we are youths and our parents make them for us and protect us from wrong ones. When we hit our teens in our high school days, is when most of us, hit the decision making times that start in life. We decide what classes to take, we decide who to talk to, and who to friend and who not to friend and our high school life continues on. When we leave high school, many will not go on with education, for they can not afford college of any kind. So they enter the workforce as a retail employee or factory worker of some kind and learn to take orders and follow rules and do jobs that others need done. Money now becomes a driving force for all of us once schooling is over with doesn’t it?

The jobs you pick, the people you friend, the places you hang out and the things you try, are all choices folks. Some fall into drugs, some alcohol, some bars, some go to outdoors type stuff and more. But life goes on for most smoothly, unless that nasty little thing we call fate comes into play and destroys us or someone around us.

Most learn as they grow older, they learn morals, they learn ethics, there learn personal standards, and they learn to treat all with equality and kindness and they survive and get along with all, no matter race, no matter color, no matter nationality. Then we have what we all call societies misfits or criminals as facts point out. These individuals were mistreated or mentally beaten down, or actually mentally ill. We can not control the chemical imbalance in anyone’s mind folks, nor can a psychiatrist, or scientist, of any kind. We base these diagnoses on experience and historical facts and they then treat who they can. Mental illness is a fact in human life, due to chemical imbalances in the brain, and malfunctions of the human body. But mental health is also caused by mistreatment of children, by adults and parents of all kinds.

Some parents make mistakes in how they handle their children and the child pays for it for the rest of their life. some get misdiagnosed due to the era they were raised in and the limited knowledge of the time. In the end, there is nothing major wrong with these children, they may have, attention deficit and hyperactivity like, when I was as a boy. I wasn’t sick, my mind was racing and my emotions would get me in trouble, so my mother called me emotionally unstable. I ended up in an Institution for the Emotionally Unstable ran by the state for two years. In the end, they experimented on me, watching me constantly, running me through different schools, and in the end using Social Workers to talk to me. In the end, I was released because I fought back and asked to go home. Sadly, my mother and I never really got along, so I suffered for her incapabilities as a parent. As my Step-father who raised me sid over a million time sin his life, some women are born without maternal instincts and he would say, she should of never had children. For she had five of us, four boys and one girl, and each of us had a different view on her, her ways and her life and her otherly abilities or lack of.

You can’t control who you are born to, nor who raises you, the parents do that folks. Yet as children we are malleable and shaped by the parents we have. It’s our parents and the way they bring us up and what they teach us, and how they treat us that makes us who we are up to a point. But the teenage years, are where the proof hits the pudding so to say, it is where we pull ourselves together and figure out which way we shall go in life.

You first friend you made, your first love, your first victory and defeat, all come into play, with who you become as a person. If you told all your childhood your worthless, or your a fool, or your an idiot because they don’t like your way of doing things, then if it is repeated enough it hits your self esteem and a child rebels and fights back and tries to overcome, and if they fail, they fall right into what there parents said they were. So be careful how you treat your child and what you teach them folks, for you are teaching them to survive and get along in a diverse world.

In the end, if you don’t have compassion, patience, and the ability to adapt, don’t have children folks. if you have a temper and get violent, don’t have children, if you marry a violent or unstable person, get help and get out. Don’t let a child get affected, take them away from the unstable adult, it doesn’t matter if it is the mother or father. In the end the child is the future of the world, the child is the one who will be here long after the two parents are gone and will affect society. In the end it is the result of Parenting that makes us who we are, and our ability to cope and adjust to the world we live in.

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