We need the real world, not Trump World, Vote Trump Out Come 2020!

The September Democratic Debate is now set and will have ten main candidates on the stage.

As it nears and August of 2019 ends, we must now look at what is happening, on the Republican side of the table here.

We all know the Republican Party will probably back Donald Trump for a second term. Though I must say, it is brave and the right things to do, that William Weld and others are now stepping up to primary Trump for the Republican Nomination.

William Weld, Joe Walsh, and more will contend and contrast with Trump for the Republican Party’s nomination. Also possible entrants include Mark Sanford and John Kasich if they decide to get in. In my opinion the best thing for the Republicans to do, is nominate someone other than the current sitting President Donald J. Trump. Why, simply Trump’s record as President sucks and people know it.

Trump is racist, he’s a bigot, he’s a narcissist, he lies to the American People on the average of 24 times per day. He has zero real accomplishments to his name, and he has failed at everything he has touched.

Trump’s avid supporters all point at the economy and tell you how great he made it. Fact one he inherited it from Obama. That’s right folks, Trump’s so called great economy is not his and never was, but what is his, his destruction of said economy by tariffs and tax breaks for the rich and above. That’s Trump’s legacy folks.

Trump has failed with Russia and Putin and the connections between Trump and Putin and Russia are becoming clearer everyday in the news.

Trump failed in North Korea, He failed in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trump is not building a wall between the USA and Mexico folks, he is fixing what exists and painting them to look pretty and calling it all his wall. Why, because Fox New’s, Ann Coulter told him,” Mr. President if you don’t build your wall you won’t have a legacy” So he is attempting to say he is keeping his promise to build the wall, but he is failing and he already has a plaque hung, saying Trump’s Wall on it.

Look, I am not a Republican and I admit it and in fact the only Republican I really liked in my lifetime was John McCain, he stood tall, he stood proud, he did what was right in all cases and he died honorably. I really liked John McCain, and he is sorely missed in Washington and the world today.

Yet, we need a Republican or two or even three or four if we can get them to oppose Trump in the 2020 Presidential Primary for the Republican Nomination. The more that run, the more that will pull support from Trump period. We can’t afford a second Trump Term.

Trump has failed on the world stage, he has failed domestically also, as America now borders on a recession due to his tariffs and his tax breaks for his rich buddies.

Trump is getting more erratic, he is getting more unstable, what President sits in the White House and tells his people, ” Build my wall, by November 2020, I need it and I don’t care if you break laws to do it, just do it and I will pardon you if you break the laws” What kind of a President is this?

He looks to the skies on the White House Lawns and calls himself “The Chosen One!” Everytime he says something stupid, ridiculous or outrageous his staff tries to cover it up by saying, he was only joking, bullshit!

This man Donald J. Trump is unstable, he is dangerous and he is losing it at a faster pace than most would. He can’t handle the fact he could lose the 2020 election and not be President again. The closer the election cycle gets the more unstable, unreliable and dangerous he gets for all of America and the World as a whole.

The proof is simple, you can see it in his speeches, his attending the G-7 Summit was a joke, the other world leaders worked around him and let him go his own way, ignoring his calls to get Russia back in. Sadly, he still is calling for Russia to get back in and the other G-7 members are loudly saying, no thank you. Why, is Trump, backing Putin and Russia so hard and pushing for them to be accepted into the G-7 to make it a G-8 again? What’s he doing and why?

Anyway, as the year moves on and we close in on the final quarter of 2019, we must all remember, 2020 will be upon us in a little over 120 days. As times flies that is a very short time, the Stock Markets are affected by Trump’s Tariffs and his war with China big time. They plunge every time Trump says he will up his tariffs and China responds in kind. It’s bad for the world, it’s bad for China and the markets , but it is worse for the American Investors in the Stock Market, the average American who can invest, is losing money due to Trump.

Now, all of the above said, I firmly believe, Trump must not get a Second Term Period. If a Democrat, one of the ten left, in the September debate can knock him off, and be President so be it, or if a Republican can take his Nomination away from him, even better.

One way or another America needs a better President one who is stable, one who has compassion, kindness and is not a discriminating person, one who is not a racist, one who is not a sexual harasser, one who won’t lie to the people daily, and one who is stable for real, not just in his own mind but in all minds.

Trump lives in a place I call Trump World, it’s an Amusement Park he has built in his own mind, he is lost in it and that folks is dangerous. Imaginary Friends and fun times are great for pretending when your a child, but when your an adult reality must come into play and as President you must deal with real facts, real people, real problems and solve them, because if your President you must be The President for all the people, no matter color, no matter race, no matter location in America, no matter disabilities, no matter mental illnesses, or other problems. The President of the United States represents all of America on the World Stage and at Home too and must be an example for all people world wide too.

Trump World Amusement Park, must be shut down!. We can’t live in Trump’s imaginary world in his mind where he doesn’t care or think about what he is doing, that is affecting the old, the young and all in between, the white, the black, the asian and indians and more of America! All Americans must be given equal treatment, equal rights and get healthcare coverage, all must be allowed to live a comfortable live and have a fifteen dollar minimum wage too. All must have the planet we live on saved from climate change and the pollution of it stopped. All farmers need markets to sell their goods and to make a profit to live again.

Trump World Amusement Park, in Trump’s mind that lives in his head, and is spreading across America and the world must be shutdown and put out of business period. We need the real world, not Trump World, Vote Trump Out Come 2020!

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