All Nations must stop the Amazon Fires!

As the Amazon burns, so does mankind’s oxygen supply, does anyone else understand this? Listen a fact of our climate and world we live in is the give and take between mankind and plants on earth.

Mankind expels carbon dioxide, and the trees and plants of the world feed on it, as mankind feeds and breathes on the oxygen the trees put out. The more the plants are burned away, especially the trees, the less oxygen mankind has to survive on the planet. Simple science folks, so why is everyone not fighting the fires in the Amazon and ending them as quickly as possible, are people that idiotic or ignorant not to understand, the basics of human life?

Mankind as a whole is pretty ignorant about many things, we pollute the waters, we pollute the land, we strip the planet of minerals and more and then, we look for more damage to do, everyday. Why? Greed!

Let me remind the world of humanity of something vital, we are on the only planet that sustains human life, for at least 300 billion light years. Do you understand what I am saying here, if we keep stripping the planet of trees, and plants and then stripping it of minerals we can’t replace, the planet can not renew itself again, if that happens, mankind will have no food to eat, no air to breath, no water to drink and in the end a hollow sphere of planet to live on, that can not sustain itself, never mind humanity.

Every nation in the world should be sending people to put the damn fires out in the Amazon now! Each nation should donate money, and people to fight these fires as much as possible, till they are, finally out.

Every nation should be planting trees, and should stop clearing jungles and the planet of them. What is wrong here is, people do not understand the delicate balance of life on earth. Are you all blind, or stupid or just ignorant, what is it?

We can’t make fresh water at the rate nature does, it takes rain to make fresh water and it takes lakes and rivers to purify it so we can drink it, putting your old appliances and cars and oils and waste products into it, pollutes it all, making it non consumable by humanity.

The Oceans are now so polluted fish are dying from poison released by mankind, plastic bags float in the ocean, fish get trapped in them and die and never have a chance to reach adulthood and multiply.

Polar Bears are dying at the poles of the planet, why because of climate changes and temperatures rising, As Greenland, The Artic and Antartic melts, oceans levels rise, if the levels rise folks, the land masses recede into the oceans and mankind has less land mass to live on. Do you all understand what is happening yet?

We can’t all be like Trump and say, well I am environmentally friendly and a supporter of the environment, then pollute waters, hunt down animals and support burning coal and polluting the air left and right! If we all do that and follow Trump’s example, within three generation there will not be another generation of mankind on earth or any animals that are mammals, do you understand that people?

Whole species are disappearing, yes whole species, what makes you think, if animals that are mammals, are dying off, mankind won’t be next. Whole food sources are disappearing, fresh water is being polluted at a great rate and mankind keeps polluting, and not paying attention and then we reproduce and make more children that will need all the resources we are using up and destroying, without thinking what will happen to the future generations of mankind.

Don’t you think it is time, to think not of what will happen in our lifetimes, but, will happen to mankind, and our future generations, due to what we are doing?

Trees need planting, forests need saved, the oceans need cleaned and the air does too. mankind must stop having children at an ungodly rate of production that is happening. We can’t afford to have ten children per couple anymore, this is not the sixties folks or the 1950s. The resources we have will not support mankind’s reproduction at such a rate, at some point mankind must realize, any more then two children per couple, is crazy and using up the planet too fast, for us all, to survive.

We need to plant trees not watch them burn, we need to stop the fires, we need to clean the waters, we need to have a world economy and we need the farmers to flourish, for they provide the food, we need. The Oceans need cleaning folks, we can’t keep polluting them and then hope to fish them. The species are disappearing because they are polluted and over fished and farmed. Wake up World!

Too many human beings are not realizing what is happening on the planet that keeps us alive, we are being overly selfish, and we get greedy and careless, and destroy ourselves and the planet we need to survive, thus in the end mankind will destroy itself, unless, we wake up, realize what is happening and reverse all of these trends.

I am not Bill Nye The Science Guy, of television fame, but I do understand basic scientific facts, anyone who had elementary school science knows them too. We need to heed the facts, we need to listen to scientist and maybe, just maybe then, we can save Mother Earth and ourselves from extinction.

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