Let’s stop these senseless massacres now!

September 1st, 2019, has arrived, and once again America faces another disastrous and deadly mass shooting, in Texas, five people dead and at least twenty one injured by a man with a gun he should never have had. AK-47 type rifles do not belong on the streets of America, they and all military type weapons, should be removed from the streets and should be stopped from being sold in gun stores, gun shows period.

Death has become a common problem now, in America and on it’s streets. People are being killed and injured, left and right because we don’t have a President with any guts and balls to stand up to the NRA and put in place Red Laws, put in place Mental and BackGround checks that are needed to prevent senseless deaths of innocents across America.

Yes, I said across America, the deaths from these senseless and horrific shootings now go coast to coast across our country. What will it take for President Trump and Congress to react and put the brakes on Gun Show Sales, put in place Mental and Background checks to own a gun, and stop gun shows and gun shops from selling military weapons on our streets? We are in a crisis here, where innocent people of all colors, all races, all nationalities in America from young to old are dying, because the NRA and Gun Owners think they have a right to own whatever gun they wish and do as they wish it is wrong, and it is senseless and sad and it is destroying America.

I wonder, just wonder what would happen to Gun Laws, Red Laws and background checks and mental health checks, if just one Congressperson , Representative or Senator or the President lost a child or family member to these guns? I bet they would change their minds then, wouldn’t they folks? Yes it is easy to stand above the fray and the deaths and fight about gun control, when the NRA is lining the coffers for your re election isn’t it President Trump and Republican Congress Members of both Houses.

In the meantime, now hundreds of lives are being lost, people live in fear of sending their children to school, or going to stores. They live in fear of going to parks, or beaches or taking their family out and having fun outings, because they do not know if someone on the streets is carrying a gun and waiting for a target to shoot and kill!

I find so many senseless deaths a sad thing to be discussing and facing for all these families out there who are losing members and loved ones like this, suddenly, because a person is mentally ill, or mad or angry and got their hands on military type weapons that don’t even belong being sold on the streets of America. So why are these weapons being sold, why are they not taken off the streets, right now?

What is stopping realistic and legal gun laws from being put forth and passed to stop this innocent bloodshed and loss of life in America?

What it is is very simple, money, greed and a blind belief these gun owners have of their right to bear arms. So lets start at the very beginning here.

The Second Amendment states:  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  While at the time this was written into law, we had been in a Revolutionary stage and becoming a country and it was to prevent take over by the British whom we were fighting for Independence from. Even when written it was looked upon by many Americans both famous and not so famous as a dangerous law and what is happening in America today is why it was looked at in such a way.

We have a well regulated Militia already folks, it is called the United States Military forces that include all the branches, Army, Army National Guard, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard. They have access to all firearms necessary to maintain a free country and each state has it’s own National Guard Units also.

I am not saying here, that people can not own guns, I am saying here, people should not be able to own and buy military type weapons used in war zones across the globe on american streets and have them in their homes and have access to the ammunition for them either. They should not be allowed to own bump stocks, and massive magazines either. This is just wrong and not what the Second Amendment was written for.

You want to own a pistol, a shotgun or a rifle for hunting purposes or target practice, I have no problem as long as it is registered and you carry a license for it.

My problem is the lack of background checks, no red laws and mental health checks, and the availability of military type, grade weapons on American streets to just anyone who wants them! It’s sad, it’s destructive, it’s killing innocent people and children and no one is stopping this madness.

We need to shut down the Gun Lobbyist in Washington, , we need to stop gun show sales, we need to put in place background checks, red laws, mental health checks and legal checks. We need to stop bump stocks, large magazines and ammo from being available to just anyone who can buy it. We are letting unstable people get their hands on military type weapons and kill children and other innocents on our streets.

So, gun owners and The NRA and Gun Show runners and sellers, listen to me. The Second Amendment does not cover you selling, or owning military type weapons in modern day America, it does cover Americans owning a weapon in their home for self protection of family and home, not a military type weapon carrying dozens or hundreds of rounds. We the American people have already formed a militia, it is our Armed Forces of The United States of America, we don’t need individual citizens carrying military weapons there is no invasion of America or anyone trying to take over the country. Read the damn Amendment correctly, and you will understand what the Forefathers were saying and why and apply the damn time period. be realistic and let’s save lives and put in place Background checks, Red Laws, Mental Health checks! Let’s stop these senseless massacres now!

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