Climate Change/ Gun Laws Needed!

Between the Climate Crisis, the pollution of the air we breath, the pollution of the waters we drink and massive garbage dumps into our oceans, mankind is killing the planet we live on and the only atmosphere, mankind has to live in! I remind all that mankind will have to travel over 300 billion miles to even find the nearest planet that can support human life and even that is not confirmed as of yet. So what the hell are we doing to our planet as we strip it or all resources and pollute it’s air we breath and the waters we drink, and as we watch it burn the only real suppliers of the oxygen we breath the trees and forests of the world? If mankind as a species wishes to carry on and survive, we the human race must make immediate changes in how we do things! We have stripped our lands of minerals and ores, and polluted our rivers, streams and oceans, plus used radiation weapons on the surface of the world we need to survive on, what is wrong with humanity?

Now, I think I have made my point on the Climate Crisis on Planet Earth. As Hurricane Dorian devastates lands and islands this week, we must wonder why the weather is changing so rapidly and dangerously. We must face the truth, that we are attributing to the changes and making matters worse as we keep destroying, polluting the planet that keeps us alive, are we suicidal? Answer that one mankind if you dare or can?

Subjects for upcoming Debates. 1) Gun Control in the United States. It has to be addressed and it has to happen now the death numbers are growing and gun sellers know it also. The Gun Manufacturers know the problem, the NRA knows the Problem and The Gun lobbyist do too. The Democrats know the problems and so do the Republicans folks, so why is no one moving to stop it all?

Let me answer the question on guns of the military type this way for all of America; The Second Amendment of The constitution does not cover this day and age. It was written in an era of American fear,America needed it to make sure Britain or any other country would not come to our shores and steal our land or try to make us a part of their kingdoms. Those days are long gone folks. Let’s make that clear.

I understand the Constitution well and the Amendment also, I want Americans to reread it again and remember theera it was written in. Here is the key phrase from it quoted for all to see: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The era was different when it was written as were the circumstances. That’s the first thing to establish here and agree on. The Second thing is clearly written in the statement:” A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state”

That was and is established by the United States Military, period, already. The Armed Forces of America are the greatest in the world period and they have access to all weapons for military purposes and to keep the United state and each state in it free.

As to part three of the same statement,: The Right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. This was not written so Americans can buy military weapons on the streets, it was intended for personal protect of family and home and hunting of game and food in the era it was written in. They did not deal with military type weapons of today and they had no idea the power or danger of such weapons would bring to the streets of a modern day America. They were speaking of handguns, pistols or shotguns and muskets folks. not weapons that can fire multiple rounds at high rates of speed and with the kill power to take down elephants or more. No one is saying a gun owner can not own a shotgun or rifle designed for hunting game or a pistol for personal protection of family and home. These were the weapons the amendment was written for, and all weapons can be used on gun ranges for practice or spot, we all know that.

Nowhere in the Second Amendment does it say the Gun Manufacturers and the Gun Lobbyist and The NRA, can sell military weapons to citizens without Background checks, without Mental Health Checks or Red Laws! It does not saw Gun Shows can sell military weapons to anyone who wants them, without checks nor does it say military weapons should be owned by civilians. Does it?

The problem here is this simple and clear now, The NRA, The Gun Lobbyists and the Gun Manufacturers have money, that money is being funneled into political campaigns of individuals who are running for public office like President Donald Trump. As long as These organizations named above are allowed to continue this practice of funneling their money into these campaigns, guns laws will be put aside. In the meantime Americans will lose family members to people who have no business handling or owning military weapons on our streets mre will die. The politicians like Trump will continue to stay on the Gun Manufacturers, lobbyist and gun sales side as long as we the people allow them to put money in campaign coffers. It has to stop now!

Let me say one thing here, if one of the victims of Sandy Hook, El Paso, Dayton, or Odessa, or any other mass killing would have been a Trump family member or a Pence family member or a McConnell’s family member or any other politician’s family member, do you think, they would not be passing Gun BackGround Checks, or Red Laws or Mental Health Checks? Do you think they would still be allowing gun show sales then? You can bet your ass, if one victim was a Trump, a McConnell, a Graham or any other Republican in Congress, the gun laws would be flying through Congress both Houses and becoming laws!. And they would all be firmly and forcefully enforced also. The killing of people on American streets by military weapons is just morally, ethically wrong in all ways. he only way to make it happen America, is for all Americans to call their Congressperson, their Senators and keep the pressure up to get the laws passed and the weapons removed from the streets. Pressure, call them, push them and dont let up, for the next child, or person shot to death by a AR-15 or another military weapon could be your relative or friend or even you!

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