14 reasons for Background checks, and Gun Law changes!

Gun violence is not stopping or slowing down in America! Another report of a boy in Alabama killing five of his family members with a gun and then calling it in and saying he heard shots in his home, then admitting he shot them all. Does anyone else see a pattern here in America, of unneeded gun violence and availability of guns, plus unstable behavior mentally?

In each and every case of gun violence two factors stand out in America these days.

#1) Guns are plentiful and seem available to all ages and people in America and it is happening more and more each day, especially under President Trump’s Administration and time in office! Why is that I wonder?

#2) Racial tensions are higher than they have been since the 1960’s! Under President Trump, who speaks in racial tones, and attacks people of color it is getting worse not better!

#3) Hate, bigotry and anger is growing in America since Trump took office.

#4) Trump refuses to acknowledge Gun Laws are needed, Red Laws are needed, and Background and Mental Health checks are needed before anyone should be allowed to buy a gun of any sort in America.

#5) Military type weapons such as the AK-47 and the AR-15 have no place on America’s streets, and should not be sold at gun shows, gun shops, or privately in America. No American has a right to carry a military type weapon unless they are in the Military period.

#6) I know the Second Amendment folks,; It reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. , Nowhere in it does it say it applies to people owning military weapons and using them to kill fellow citizens on America streets.

#7) The Second Amendment was written in an era when America was defending itself from British Invasion and Control, it does not apply to today.

#8) If American Gun Owners read it again and clearly it states: A Well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, well, we have a well Regulated Militia Folks it’s called the United States Armed Forces! And they are the best in the World.

#9) The right to bear arms shall not be infringed, There is no infringement or anyone’s right to bear arms if military weapons such as the Ar-15 or the AK-47, are removed from gun shows, gun shops and the streets of America, gun owners can still own pitols and shotguns and rifles for hunting purposes, no one is saying they can’t or shouldn’t as long as they are registered and licensed and past background checks and use then for hunting or on gun ranges for sport or practice.

#10) The Gun Lobbyist, The Gun Manufacturers, the Gun Show Operators and Sellers, should all be banned from lobbying Congress in any way. The NRA should be told to back up, lives are being lost and that they have no right to stop the American People from passing laws needed to protect human life in America.

#11) President Trump said he favored Gun Laws, Background checks and Mental Health checks, then the NRA called and told him that wouldn’t be good for him or America, becaus ethey would cut off the funds to his re election coffers if it happened. so Trump ran like a coward, backed off and now won’t pass background checks, red laws or mental health checks or anything else to stop the senseless massacres in America?

#12) I leave all with a question now, Will Americans let the Gun Lobbyist, Manufacturers and the NRA control guns in America and more innocent americans die, and let President Trump turn a blind eye to the mass killings in America and do nothing, or will Americans finally rise up, and force Congress and President Trump to act on Gun Laws, red Laws, and BackGround checks?

#13) I leave you with one more thought here: If a gunman kills someone in your family or in a politician’s family, such as say, Rand Paul’s family, or President Trump’s family or Mitch McConnell’s family, do you think they will react for your family or their own? And how fast do you think Red Laws and Background checks and licensing and registration of guns and the outlawing of military weapons on our streets would happen if that happened, would take to come about?

#14) I bet you ten billion to one, if a politicians family member was shot by one of these mass shooters, with a military type weapon, like a AR-15. or a AK-47 , That Congress both the House and The Senate and The President would be screaming for gun laws and background checks and telling the NRA where to go in no time. And I bet then they would be rounding up and taking back all the military type weapons from Gun shows,Gun Stores and buying them back from all they could as fast as possible. anyone else want to deny what I am saying?

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