Would you react then and is that what you are waiting for? Guns!

Labor Day weekend has passed in 2019, the children are back in schools and the year is advancing quickly toward the coming 2020 election cycle. As it does, how many families with one or more child are worried they may get a call one day, that their child is trapped in a school, with a shooter loose?

How many Americans have the above worry as parents in America? How many worry when they go grocery shopping or shopping at a mall or a store that a shooter could be waiting to come and shoot people randomly, for some stupid reason or because they have a mental illness or are angry over something? How many Americans are now scared and living in fear of guns of all types, and worried their lives or the life of a loved one may disappear suddenly, leaving them alone to grieve?

These are the questions Americans must answer regarding guns in America now! These are the worries of Americans and concerned citizens of our country, and my question is this, Why do Americans need to fear these circumstances and stand around and allow Congress, The Senate and House of Representatives and the President, to not act to create stiffer background checks, red laws and mental health checks for owning a gun? Why don’t we have licensing requirements for owning guns, why do we have military weapons being sold on the streets, why are there no ways to stop Gun Shows, Gun Shops, Gun Lobbyist, The NRA, and street thugs from selling or buying military weapons and doing as they please, shooting innocents on our streets? Why can Senator Mitch McConnell the Senate Leader, stand before us all and say I won’t put a law or bill before the Senate, regarding background checks or gun laws unless President Trump says, he will sign it?

Don’t you think President Trump should pass background checks, red laws and mental health checks to own a gun? Don’t you wonder why they aren’t doing this to make America more safe? I know I am wondering, what it will take for President Trump, Senator McConnell and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to get together and hammer out responsible and much needed gun laws and requirements, aren’t you? How many more Americans must be shot and killed before they react and move, upwards of 85 percent of Americans want it done, so why isn’t it being done?

You want to make your streets safe again, you want military weapons gone from them, you want to be able to feel your child is safe in school and you safe to go shopping again? Or to a concert or beach or Mall again?

Look up your Representatives, your Senators, Your Governors and your Mayors folks, Call Them, Petition them, demand BackGround Checks and Mental Health Checks to own a gun! Demand Red Laws Now!

Or the next child or person you see shot by a military weapon like an AR-15, or a AK-47 and torn to ribbons and murdered can be your family member, you friend, your relative, or child.

Wake Up, Fight back, Make the Senate and The House and The President react and get it done. Everytime they speak, ask them for gun laws, background checks, red laws, ask them for mental health checks to own a gun! Don’t let them stand at a mic on television, radio or at a political event or on the streets and talk, and ignore it, force it into their conversations and keep the pressure up.

Tell all of them, including President Trump, The NRA has to be stopped, the gun shows must end, the sale of military weapons on American streets must end, before it’s too late and it’s someone you know and love who, you must bury next! Stop taking money from the NRA for your elections and wake up!

My last question here is this that you can ask to President Trump, Senator McConnell, any Republican, or gun supporter out there, Would you write and back better background checks, mental health checks, red laws and licensing and registration of all weapons and ban military weapons from sale on our streets if it is your wife or husband, or child or relative that was killed with one? Would you react then and is that what you are waiting for?

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